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to the doctor without a swab (despite the symptoms) to save 15 euros

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to the doctor without a swab (despite the symptoms) to save 15 euros

With the boom from influenza here is a new phenomenon. Many doctors, before visiting patients with symptoms similar to those of the Covidrequire to show the result of the swabbut many go to the clinic without doing so save money. And in a short time these particular patients have also earned a name dedicated to them: i flu freaks. A choice that looks at the pockets without thinking about the fact of being able to infect others.

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I test in calo

The phenomenon, born in recent times due to the early outbreak of seasonal flu, is growing more and more. And if on the one hand the patients make the «crafty», going to the doctor without the negative result, on the other the number of test in the pharmacy it drops more and more. A figure confirmed by the pharmacists’ associations, despite the fact that the attention of the health structures still remains very high towards the Coronavirus.

The request for swabs

As collected by Il Messaggero, most of the general practitioners requires the swab if you have flu symptoms, so as to understand if it is a case of Covid or a real flu. But not everyone complies with their doctor’s request. Many, in fact, still go to the doctor without having swabbed. And so it was the doctors who had to look for a solution, equipping themselves on their own. «In the office where I go – Annamaria tells Il Messaggero – most doctors perform the free tests». In a time when the bills they are increasingly salty, Italians try to save as much as possible and, for many, even the 15 euros required at the pharmacy to perform the test can be a problem, especially if they are more familiar with having to do it.

Cases of flu are on the rise

This season will be remembered as winter record of the flu. More and more Italians are grappling with flu symptoms and in the last week there have been almost a million cases registered. A real massacre that has reached the highest incidence from 2009 to today. This was announced by the surveillance network bulletin InfluNet dell’Higher Institute of Health. For the past seven days have been 943 thousand Italians affected from flu-like illnesses. The flu is not only earlier, but has an incidence that in the last week came close to 16 cases per thousand inhabitants, already surpassing the peak of all previous seasons, starting from 2009. 3.5 million Italians affected by the flu.

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Last Updated: Friday 9 December 2022, 10.15pm

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