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Weight Loss-Diet-Health » New times – with a new salad!

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A well-known saying came to my mind recently – it is more ambiguous than almost anything else, enigmatic, true and maybe also subversive:

“Times are changing and we are changing with them.”

The proverb of the Roman writer OVID, whose fate is currently being followed by “pektrum.de”, invites, for example, with wisdom

“Dripping water hollows out stones, not by force but by perseverance.”

for your own interpretation, or for a photographic analysis:

To approach the turns of the times from a different perspective, this question would be useful: “How do we affect “the times”?

How do we deal with the good and bad that the respective “modern times” offer us?

After all, mankind has already sifted quite thoroughly when it comes to what is handed down at all.

Apparently banal, modern technology like in the smartphone is based on “old”, groundbreaking inventions and is so fascinating for some that they can get excited about it. See for example

„The most beautiful cameras ever made. From the earliest box cameras to today„

Shifts in consumer behavior

The “Tik-Toc format” is now sufficient for presenting modern “content”; the screen display actually becomes irrelevant if you only look at it on a mini screen, which is then not visible.

The reactance effect…

First off, that’s a pretty word if you haven’t googled it yet. After that it is no longer about the dance on the reactor, but about

“…one of many cognitive distortions that we have to thank for evolution. … [Sie] It occurs when we feel that our freedom or choice is being threatened. In other words, the reactance effect causes the infant in us to fold our arms and stamp our feet. We’re trying to reclaim our freedom by having our brain scream: We want exactly what we can’t have!”

Recently, an attempt was made to explain the increase in AFD votes with this psycho-theory, without also mentioning the motto “understanding everything does not mean apologizing for everything”.

See also  Alzheimer, discovered the mechanism by which neurons escape death: the Italian study

It is common knowledge that the “defiant attitude” can also appear when there is “only” a salad, but how the above layered salad was composed is not 😉

With this Hibiscus photo, I wanted to show that a balcony planting can also look like this; In my opinion, within the topic of “urban greening”, balcony planting is very much neglected.

The “flagship” of a camera company, as it was recently explained to me,

“… is ideal for every recording situation and convinces with a video performance in cinema quality and an uncompromising image quality.”

After all, nobody says that in order to follow one’s “photographic interests” one can and must necessarily spare four-digit amounts. The right question here is, as is so often the case: “What are the alternatives?”

Accordingly, a separate article should be published here on the subject of “photography as folk art”.

When the city trees are already getting yellow leaves in the middle of July, as here in front of the Hessian state parliament, this is hidden and suppressed – the black limousines are apparently ready to make better progress.

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