Home Health With diabetes it is best to avoid these foods and drinks: the list of health

With diabetes it is best to avoid these foods and drinks: the list of health

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With diabetes it is best to avoid these foods and drinks: the list of health

People with diabetes should avoid eating certain foods and drinks. Let’s see what they are in order not to jeopardize your health.

Millions of people in our nation are affected by the condition. A number doubled in thirty years which has sedentary lifestyle and obesity as its main causes.

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Il diabetes it is a disease that involves the increase of blood glucose levels for a lack of the correct amount of insulin. It is the hormone produced by the pancreas that can control blood sugar. The biological effectiveness of insulin, therefore, is essential and in the event of a deficiency the risks for the body are manifold. Anyone with diabetes must try to check your condition taking foods and drinks that do not affect glucose levels. As a result, we understand how products with sugars and fats.

Diabetes, foods and drinks to avoid

The first great renunciation or, at least limitation, concerns croissants and snacks. A quick and practical breakfast that is not recommended for those with diabetes. A correct start to the day provides low-fat yogurt, cereals, sugar-free jam, wholemeal bread, ricotta, boiled eggs and almonds. Alternatively you can choose fruitbetter if a kiwi, a peach or an apple.

To avoid, then the coffee drinks with cream, chocolate or other additions with sugars. In the morning it is advisable to drink one Cup of tea, decaffeinated coffee without sugar or skimmed or semi-skimmed milk without adding sugar.

The list goes on…

People with diabetes need to put their passion aside for the fried such as chips, cutlets or fried fish. There amount of sodium present is, in fact, too high, about 3 thousand milligrams. Considering that diabetics can only take 1,500 milligrams, the health risk is easily understood. Rather than frying, therefore, you should use the oven or cook steamed or roasted.

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Too many carbohydrates, however, in the sweet and sour sauce chicken with rice. The typical dish of Chinese cuisine should be avoided by preferring steamed vegetables. In the black list, then, we find the biscotti packaged rich in saturated fat. Better to opt for homemade desserts aware of the ingredients used. Same goes for pastry cakes. Attention, then, to the preparation of a stuffed sandwich. Choosing meats such as ham, mortadella and salami is not ideal for those who need to control blood glucose levels. In fact, they contain a lot of sodium. It would be advisable to replace the cold cuts with vegetables and tomatoes. Finally, people with diabetes must avoid sugary drinks like fruit juices. Alternatively, it is preferable to opt for an orange juice, a strictly sugar-free smoothie or a fruit extract.

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