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A broad transitional movement among the men of power

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A broad transitional movement among the men of power

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In implementation of the royal directives of His Majesty King Mohammed VI, calling for greater effectiveness and rationalization of human resources in the authority of the men of power by devoting standards of competence and eligibility in assuming positions of responsibility, the Ministry of the Interior carried out a transitional movement among the ranks of the men of power, of whom 1,116 are concerned, representing 25 percent. Of the total members of this body working in the territorial administration.

A communiqué to the Ministry of the Interior stated that this movement represented a new opportunity to implement the Royal High Instructions calling for the “launching of a gradual transition path, from a model of public service based on managing paths, to a new model based on managing competencies”, as it was prepared through an application The comprehensive 360-degree follow-up and evaluation system, which is based on a more objective approach to assessing human resources and performance, makes the citizen a partner in performance evaluation, explaining that 640 women and men of power have benefited from this system during this year.

Thus, – the communication adds – and through the implementation of eligibility criteria and a comprehensive evaluation of performance, this transitional movement resulted in the promotion of a total of 160 women and men of authority in tasks in the territorial administration. During this transitional movement, the territorial administration was enriched with new graduates from the Royal Institute of Territorial Administration, who numbered 124 graduates.

The communication concluded that the Ministry of the Interior will always seek, enlightened by the royal directives, to dedicate an effective approach in modernizing the management of its human resources, based on keenness on strict adherence to the standards of competence, entitlement and equal opportunities in assuming positions of responsibility, and its goal is to advance the work of the territorial administration, according to an effective dynamism that makes The administration is at the service of the citizens, keeping pace with their needs and looking after their interests, which His Majesty the King has been stressing on all occasions as the most successful way to consolidate good territorial governance.

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