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A look back at 60 years of current sportstudio

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A look back at 60 years of current sportstudio

On August 24, 1963, no one could have guessed that a piece of television history was about to be born: “das Aktuelle Sportstudio” was broadcast on ZDF for the first time.

It all started right on time for the start of the new Bundesliga – 60 years have passed since then. A number of famous, interesting and unusual guests have been to the “sportstudio” since then.

They were greeted by moderators who have not only shaped TV history on the Lerchenberg in Mainz.

Countless goals, tears of sadness and joy, championships and relegations. Funny and controversial, light and political, feelings and confessions – “das aktuell sportstudio” has not only accompanied football for six decades through thick and thin.

Times have changed, it’s no different in sport than in any other part of society. “das aktuell sportstudio” is always evolving and has its finger on the pulse of the times. Doping, Corona, global political issues – in the TV sports classic, an important topic has never been left out – not for 60 years. With this wealth of experience, the show is more than just one among others.

It’s not just the big issues that make “the current sports studio” what it is. Above all, it’s the special moments: when Uli Hoeneß and Christoph Daum argue on the show, when a monkey rips Johnny Weissmüller’s wife’s wig off his head, when Carmen Thomas says “Schalke 05” – a classic of sports television.

And more have been added in recent years: when football coach Markus Anfang described the reasons for his vaccination card fraud, Ukrainian athletes reported on their fears and concerns or Turkish athletes talked about the effects of the earthquake: topics change, but the spirit of the show is remained.

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One myth has also remained: the goal wall. For 60 years, footballers, officials, athletes from other sports, actors, singers and spectators have been trying their hand at “three down, three up”. What unites everyone: No one has conquered the goal wall six times. The myth lives! And like the goal wall, so does “the current sports studio”.

Sven Voss is going on a journey through time for the anniversary and also appears in past decades. Almost impossible and therefore exciting: 60 years in 60 minutes – “the current sport studio” celebrates its birthday.

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