Home News A thousand euros of pension a month: who are they and how many are those who receive the least

A thousand euros of pension a month: who are they and how many are those who receive the least

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A thousand euros of pension a month: who are they and how many are those who receive the least

The Italians return to the polls and the electoral campaign is rekindled with the pensions node. Not only on the reform front but also and above all on the monthly allowance side. Silvio Berlusconi makes his debut in the electoral campaign with the workhorse of raising pensions to 1,000 euros, a program already launched in the past, and is grafted onto a construction site, the pension one, which has reopened for some time with various hypotheses in the field. A topic that regularly heats up during the election campaign and which, moreover, is central to millions of Italians.

Silvio’s Promised Land

massimiliano panarari

In fact, at the end of 2021, pensioners numbered 16 million with a total gross expenditure of almost 312 billion (+ 1.55% on 2020). The average amount received is 1,620 euros per month and more than 1 in 3, 32% of the total, receives less than 1,000 euros per month, about 5 million 120 thousand people; a large audience therefore that even rises to 40% of the total if we consider only the amounts of benefits gross of personal income tax.

The unstoppable Silvio adapts to the times: from a million jobs to trees to plant

francesco olivo

The latest assumptions of the policy are not reconciled with “a pension reform that guarantees flexibility mechanisms out of a sustainable system, anchored to the contribution system”, the need for which Prime Minister Draghi reiterated a few days ago, but the question is all he agenda and the confrontation was already open between the government and the social partners. In fact, at the end of the year, the quota mechanism expires, without which the provisions of the Fornero law are returned and the Minister of Labor Andrea Orlando had already announced his intention to renew the “Woman Option” and the “Social Ape”, « because they have achieved good results »also by expanding and making the audience of interested parties more structural.

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On the front of a reform of the system, the hypotheses in the field are different. The unions are asking for greater flexibility in leaving from 62 and for a measure that can represent a guarantee for younger workers; or, another solution, the 41 years of contributions. The president of INPS, Pasquale Tridico hypothesized the possibility of an early retirement at 63-64 years with only the contribution share to which the further share starting from 67 would be added: a solution that would cost about 2 and a half billion more for the first few years but savings in the medium term. The president of INPS also proposes to extend the free redemption of the degree, already active in several countries: a hypothesis that looks to the future of young workers. Meanwhile, after quota 100, the League for its part is now aiming at Quota 41: retired in any case with 41 years of contributions. According to the INPS, but the League does not agree, the measure would cost more than 4 billion in the first year of “activation” to over 9 billion in the tenth year.

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