Home News Baby boy chokes to death after being fed water, thought he was asleep

Baby boy chokes to death after being fed water, thought he was asleep

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Baby boy chokes to death after being fed water, thought he was asleep

Baby boy chokes to death after being fed water

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GiveAfter being fed with water, the child coughed for a while, but then there was no sound. He thought his son was just asleep and ignored it. Unexpectedly, the baby boy was choked to death. Later, the man and his mother-in-law cried bitterly in the hospital holding the baby boy, and angrily scolded, “The child died in the hospital and no one cares about it!” It was not until the hospital issued a report that the truth about the baby boy’s death was revealed.

A video has recently circulated on the Chinese Internet, in which a woman is holding the dead body of a baby with a purple face and crying continuously; the man in the film, suspected to be the father of the baby boy, said angrily, “My mother-in-law is holding the baby. The baby died in the hospital and no one cares about it.” !”

The incident happened in Xingtai City, Hebei Province. Ningjin County Hospital of Integrated Traditional Chinese and Western Medicine issued a notice on Thursday (1st) that the mother surnamed Sun gave birth to a baby boy in the hospital on November 28; at 9:50 am on November 30, the baby boy The father choked and coughed after feeding him water, and the father thought the baby boy had fallen asleep.

The report pointed out that at 10:10 on the same day, the father of the baby boy called the medical staff, and the doctors and nurses arrived at the scene for rescue, but they still failed to save the newborn’s life.

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The incident was posted on Weibo on the afternoon of Friday (2nd). After learning the truth, netizens said, “Being a father should also learn about fertility knowledge. Are women playing games during the 10 months of pregnancy?”, “The woman worked hard to conceive and give birth, but was taken care of by an irresponsible father and died in the hospital”, “Why didn’t she learn basic parenting knowledge when she knew she wanted to be a father”, and some people questioned why water should be fed.

A netizen shared his experience saying that he was almost suffocated to death by feeding water on the first day of his life. After a long time of rescue by his family and doctors, he survived. Now his heart and lung function is extremely poor, and he also suffers from gastroesophageal reflux and other diseases. When teased, it will choke out all the food or water in a jet.”

A doctor issued an article pointing out that under normal circumstances, babies who are exclusively breastfed do not need to be fed water. Breast milk contains sufficient water. Babies can ensure water intake by adjusting the frequency and amount of breast milk sucking according to their own needs; similarly, using For infants fed with milk powder, if they drink formula milk prepared according to the prescribed ratio, since the water content in it is similar to that of breast milk, it can also meet the baby’s demand for water.

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