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Basecamp: Quartz cliffs in Tribeč, monastery ruins near Podhájska and lesser-known places in Vihorlatské vrchy

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Basecamp: Quartz cliffs in Tribeč, monastery ruins near Podhájska and lesser-known places in Vihorlatské vrchy


On Saturday, February 17, the 22nd year of Winter ascents to the peaks of the Lesser Carpathians will take place, this time on Drapliak near Čachticie. From the top there is a wonderful view of Považský Inovec. The excursion is organized by one of the authors of Hiking.sk, Miroslav Svítek. More info

A young bear was shot by a poacher in the Western Tatras. More info

The ravines of the Slovak Paradise are open again from Wednesday. This does not apply to the via ferrata Kyseľ, where the seasonal closure applies. The park administration warns that there is still a large amount of water and fallen trees in the gorges. (tasar)

Hike tip

A very attractive hike in the Tribeč Mountains leads through several exposed quartzite hills with views, rock formations and twisted oaks. The circuit starts and ends in Klátová Ves. We will be moving outside the marked hiking trails, so it is necessary to cooperate more with the map. The entire route lies in the PLA Ponitrije outside the reserves, so free movement is legal here.

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More tips

Danube region: Anton Zahradník spent three days in the vicinity of the village of Podhájska, known for its thermal swimming pool, where several new marked routes have been added in recent years. You can see the Žitavský luh with a bird observatory, the baroque bridge over the Liska stream, the 200-year-old Tankošský cer oak or the ruins of the Mariánska Čeľa monastery.
A three-day jumble around Podhájska

Vihorlat Hills: Vihorlatské vrchy are not only about Lake Morské oko. Marián Jaššo crossed the part of them lying further east, almost on the Slovak-Ukrainian border. He visited the ruins of the Tibava castle, the place where the castle and the village of Koňuš stood in the past, and you can still see the remains of ramparts, Beňatin travertine, and also recommends the view from Paprtné hill.
The lost valal Koňuš (Podhoroď – Koňuš)

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Kremnice hills: Tip from Tatiana Filipková for an interesting place near Banská Bystrica. Here you will find similar ladders as in the gorges of the Slovak Paradise. Impressive rock cliffs, straits, boulders of interesting shapes and many fallen trees complete the atmosphere of the gorge. Due to the system of ladders with which one climbs the rock cliffs, the place was nicknamed “Little Slovak Paradise”.
Trávny Ždiar “small Slovak paradise” and NCH Kremenia

Tips for hiking with children

The table mountain Hohe Wand can be found near Bratislava after about an hour’s drive by car. Milan Války recommends an easy walk to the vast Emmerberg Castle from the 12th century, which offers panoramic views of the Hohe Wand. The mountain itself also offers several options for easy walks.

Jana Bílešová recommends a trip to Kalvária nad Kysucký Lieskovac, which is entirely located in nature. All age groups can handle the walk through the stops on the approximately 1.5 kilometer long section. If you don’t like walking through the Calvary, you can continue following the yellow sign through the more distant Rovne saddle and then go down to Klubina in Bystrická dolina. Or you can just continue along Rovna and from there let the red sign guide you to the new lookout point on Hladko vrch.

Story by Patrik Slanin

If she could wreak such havoc with healthy and strong wood, what will she do in the open with us? Ugh, I’ll run my hair through my hair and banish the negative thoughts. We have no choice anyway, we have to continue. Returning to Chopok is out of the question.

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From the photo gallery

Belian trio – Photo: Gallery / Martin Drahomirecký

The weather

On Saturday, according to SHMÚ, cloudiness will gradually increase, in the north there will be rain or showers in several places. The lowest night temperature 1 to -4, in the west around +3 degrees. The highest daily temperature is 6 to 11, in the south sometimes up to 13 degrees.

On Sunday, it will be mostly partly cloudy to cloudy with occasional precipitation. The lowest night temperature 6 to 1, in the valleys rarely around -1 °C. The highest daily temperature 7 to 12, in the north in places around 5 degrees.

Restrictions on hiking trails

According to the HZS, the 2nd level of avalanche danger on a 5-part scale applies in all mountains.

High and Western Tatras
HZS warns that the surface of the snow is hard to icy in many places. Complete winter equipment is required for hiking.

The red-marked trail from Hrebienk towards Studený dolín is closed, the detour takes the lower trail past Bilíková cottage.

The green TZCH Svorad – Spain – Lomnô (Lomné) and the green TZCH Proscekné – Borovianky valley in Chočské vrchy are poorly marked, with limited access. Bridges in Bobrovecká dolina, Hlboka dolina and Bystra dolina are torn down and in poor technical condition.

Low Tatras
Even here the paths are icy, complete winter equipment is required for hiking.

Due to the number of fallen trees, the red trail from Široká dolina towards Pekná vyhlídka, the red trail from Ludrova to Salatín is difficult to pass.

Little Fatra
Above the forest zone, HZS recommends movement only following the winter pole markings. The ridge section Suchý – Malý Kriváň – Bublen is not marked with winter pole markings! The stack shortcut (yellow marker) is closed. The snow surface is hard, icy in places, complete winter equipment is required for hiking.
The Jánošík Holes are passable, but in some sections we recommend climbing irons. Be careful when warming up. Pieces of ice may be released!

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Great Fatra
The snow surface is hard, icy in places, complete winter equipment is required for hiking.

Slovak Paradise
In the valley of the Tiesňava near Stratena, the entire slope with the hiking trail and safety chains was moved. The valley has been closed for a long time. There is sometimes a continuous layer of smooth ice on the sidewalks, wooden ladders, and iron risers, so the use of hiking crampons is sometimes necessary.

The report of the PLA Kysuce informs that, as a result of the wind disaster, hiking trails in the Veľký Polom and Klokočovské skálie nature reserves are currently impassable. They recommend avoiding these routes until they are implemented.

The blue trail from Lesnice via Cerla to Červený Kláštor is difficult to pass.

Expect hardened snow and ice on the trails in the lower mountains and in the vicinity of Baba Mountain and Pilsko.

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