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beat Montegiorgio in comeback

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beat Montegiorgio in comeback

First victory of the Cornacchini management: the Vastese break the long fast and, after 11 games, savor the taste of success.

Cheers comeback for i red and white all’Aragon in the direct clash with a view to salvation against Montegiorgio: one goal down in the first half, due to the goal of Peeping in the 44th minute, the hosts overturn the challenge with the valuable brace of Alessio DeCerchioscored in the 9th minute and 18th minute of the second half, with two great shots from distance.

Three points as absolute breath of oxygen for the Vastese.

The match. From the first minute Del Giudice finds his place between the posts in front of the defensive line this time with 4 formed by Tracchia, captain Altobelli, D’Angelo and Gomes; in the middle of the field with Maiorano is Bracaglia, in offensive projection to support Di Nardo and Kyeremateng are Nacci and De Cerchio. On the side of the Marche region, mister Izzotti proposes the two former players in midfield, Monza and De Angelis, in his starting eleven.

The players from the Marches unlock it at sunset in the first fraction, then, in the opening bars of the second half, the two splendid achievements by De Cerchio which raise the prices of coach Cornacchini’s boys who finished the match in numerical inferiority due to Altobelli’s expulsion in the foreshortening conclusive.

Before the start of the race, the red and whites placed a bunch of flowers under the Curva d’Avalos in memory of the unforgettable Christian Salvatorellia great red and white fan who died 19 years ago in a tragic car accident.

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Vastese-Montegiorgio 2-1

Rarely: 44′ Perpepaj, 9′ and 18′ st De Cerchio

Vastese: Del Giudice, Tracchia, Gomes, Maiorano, Altobelli, D’Angelo, Nacci, Bracaglia, Di Nardo, De Cerchio, Kyeremateng. Available Baiocco, Orchi, Menna, Minchillo, Martiniello, Sansone, Chrysovergis, Busetto, Frangella. Herds Cornacchini

Montegiorgio: Forconesi, Morganti, Pistolesi, De Angelis, Diop, Baraboglia, Marini, Monza, Tenkorang, Santoro, Perpepaj. Available Marinaro, Perini, Zancocchia, Pavone, Cardoni, Cavallo, Antichi, Leonetti, D’Agostino. Herds Izzotti

Referee: Recovery of Lecce (Camilli of Rome 1, Neroni of Ciampino)

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