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Beijing: Implement the “Quartet Responsibilities” Scientific and Precise Prevention and Control to Curb the Rising Momentum of the Epidemic

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Source Title: Beijing: Implement the “Quartet Responsibilities” Scientific and Precise Prevention and Control to Curb the Rising Momentum of the Epidemic

The Beijing Municipal Health Commission announced on the 4th that at present, the epidemic situation in Beijing is still running at a high level. Facing the characteristics of the main mutant strains of this round of epidemics, which have a short incubation period, fast transmission, and strong concealment, it is necessary to resolutely implement the ninth edition of the plan and the 20th edition. To implement the optimization measures, fulfill the “quartet responsibilities” of territories, departments, units and individuals, optimize prevention and control measures according to the time and situation, give full play to the enthusiasm, initiative and creativity of all levels, departments, units and individuals, and adopt more scientific and In a more precise and effective way, we will tightly weave the prevention and control network, do our best to curb the rising trend of the epidemic, and strictly prevent the occurrence of new large-scale epidemics.

The first is to implement territorial responsibilities. The territorial government fully studies and judges the epidemic situation in its jurisdiction, optimizes prevention and control measures based on the actual situation, formulates strategies by division, classification and classification, and improves the emergency mechanism for timely detection, rapid disposal, precise control, and effective treatment, so as to ensure recovery, secret detection, control, and isolation It is necessary to improve the speed, quality and efficiency of the disposal links; do a good job in the service guarantee of the residents in the jurisdiction, strengthen the environmental monitoring and disinfection of key places and areas; it is necessary to form a grassroots force and cooperate with the community health service agencies to do a good job in the residents of the jurisdiction. Health monitoring management and health education, timely response to the legal demands of residents in the jurisdiction; to strengthen environmental sanitation management, implement classified management of personnel, health monitoring, provide daily service guarantees for residents, villagers and householders under closed management, and report abnormalities in a timely manner; Neighborhood mutual aid and voluntary services should be organized to provide temporary life care for unattended children, disabled elderly, mentally handicapped and other special populations.

The second is to implement departmental responsibilities. All relevant departments should fulfill their responsibilities in accordance with their respective responsibilities, implement the inter-departmental linkage mechanism, achieve active supervision, follow-up and implementation, take measures according to local conditions and implement precise policies according to the characteristics of their own departments and industries, and strictly implement various prevention and control measures such as screening and placement of risk personnel. Control measures, establish a personnel account, strengthen the prevention and control management of mobile personnel in the industry, urge risk personnel to actively report, and strictly prevent failures and leaks; assist expert departments in epidemic prevention and control, treatment, sample collection, information reporting, and epidemic monitoring, research and judgment , reporting and prevention and control work; take the initiative to take a step forward and implement industry management responsibilities. The supervision of key industries such as cleaning, catering institutions, schools, hospitals, nursing homes, child welfare institutions, nursing homes, and “seven small” stores.

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The third is to strengthen the responsibility of the unit. Organs, enterprises, public institutions, social organizations and other organizations must guard their own doors, manage their families well, obey territorial management, formulate epidemic prevention and control disposal plans, implement the main responsibility of unit epidemic prevention and control, and establish a responsibility system for all employees of epidemic prevention and control; It is necessary to refine the epidemic prevention and control accounts of the whole link and the whole process, strictly check the epidemic risk of returning personnel, strengthen the life, epidemic prevention and job rotation of employees in key positions and key processes, and improve the management methods of third-party outsourcing personnel. Arrange functional departments to implement epidemic prevention measures, strengthen the management of social personnel access, site environment disinfection and sanitation, supervise and urge personnel in the site to do a good job of personal protection, strengthen employee health education, and implement normalized epidemic prevention and control measures; Establish a “white list” system, do a good job in the closed-loop management of small places for personnel, reduce the intersection of work areas, reduce the density of personnel in collective dormitories, and prevent the spread of epidemic risks.

The fourth is to fulfill personal responsibility for prevention and control. Citizens and friends should consciously abide by the “Basic Code of Conduct for Citizens’ Epidemic Prevention”, strictly abide by various epidemic prevention regulations, do a good job of personal protection, wear masks scientifically, maintain a safe social distance, reduce unnecessary going out during the epidemic, do not go to risk areas, do not have meals, do not Gatherings, less visits to relatives and friends, fewer banquets, and non-essential visits to crowded places; consciously do health monitoring, nucleic acid testing, and antigen self-testing. If you feel unwell, especially respiratory symptoms such as fever and cough, Take the initiative to report to the community and seek medical treatment in a timely manner; to take the initiative to vaccinate, it is recommended that people who have no vaccination contraindications and meet the vaccination requirements, especially the elderly and children, get vaccinated as soon as possible.

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