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The mega party with which Karol G celebrated her birthday

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The mega party with which Karol G celebrated her birthday

Karol G She has established herself as one of the most sought-after artists on the artistic scene. Her iconic songs and simplicity have led her to enter large stadiums around the world, and to receive several awards for her extensive career in music.

Precisely, last February 14 was the ideal date to celebrate this milestone, since the Antioquian artist turned 33 years old, marked by numerous achievements, as well as by the love and support of his family and his loyal followers.

With a simple birthday celebration, the urban genre artist, who has established herself as number one worldwide, shared this special moment through a broadcast live on the YouTube platform, inviting her fans to accompany her while they sang to her “Happy Birthday”.

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“How are you? Today is February 14 and I am very excited and nervous. I want to share with you a project that I have been working on for the last six or seven months of my life. It is something very special,” said the winner of the Latin Grammy with “Tomorrow will be nice.”

Therefore, several family members and friends who attended the celebration welcomed the 33 years of the Paisa artist.

On this occasion, Karol G was shown wearing a pink dress and a tender bow of the same color, in an atmosphere that was full of applause, laughter and the iconic launch of ‘Contigo’.

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