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Beijing’s market supervision strengthens the quality supervision of drugstores and equipment, and increases the price law enforcement – Qianlong.com.cn

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Beijing’s market supervision strengthens the quality supervision of drugstores and equipment, and increases the price law enforcement – Qianlong.com.cn

Source title: Beijing market supervision strengthens quality supervision of pharmacies and equipment, increases price law enforcement

Recently, the sales of cold medicines and new coronavirus antigen detection reagents in many pharmacies in Beijing have increased. In response to this new change, the Beijing Market Supervision Bureau immediately issued the “Reminder and Warning Letter on Further Regulating Market Price Behavior” to all operators, reminding operators not to use grain, oil, meat, eggs, vegetables, milk and other livelihood commodities, masks, anti-corrosion products, etc. Anti-epidemic supplies such as virus medicines, disinfection supplies, and related medical equipment are hoarding, fabricating and spreading information about price increases, and driving up prices. In the past few days, the law enforcement officers of the market supervision departments in various districts of this city have adjusted their work priorities in a timely manner, went deep into the front line of pharmacies, strengthened the quality supervision of drug and equipment in pharmacies in the city, and increased price law enforcement.

Fengtai Market Supervision Guards the “Four Lines” of Medical Equipment Management for the Citizens

On December 7, a reporter from the Beijing Youth Daily learned from the Market Supervision Bureau of Fengtai District that in order to maintain the order and stability of the pharmaceutical equipment market in the jurisdiction and ensure the public’s demand for medicines and equipment, the bureau started from the guarantee supply line, price line, safety line, and epidemic prevention line , Keep the “four lines” for the operation of medicine and equipment in the jurisdiction firmly.

According to reports, the relevant business departments and market offices of Fengtai District Market Supervision Bureau collect daily statistics on the purchase, sale and inventory of cold and antipyretic drugs in pharmacies in the jurisdiction. Conduct field visits and surveys, inquire in detail about the pharmaceutical procurement and sales of enterprises, continue to pay attention to changes in the supply market, and scientifically study and judge the shortage of pharmaceuticals. Actively coordinate with the relevant departments in the urban area, make every effort to strengthen the docking of supply sources, and do a good job in supply guarantee. Keep the supply line by focusing on strengthening coordination and monitoring efforts.

In addition, law enforcement officers have also increased the law enforcement inspection of the prices of pharmacies in the jurisdiction, focusing on the inspection of the purchase and sale prices of medical equipment products, checking the changes in the sales costs of operators, in-depth analysis of their price behavior, and urging drug operators to set prices reasonably. At the same time, pay close attention to the complaints and price appeals of medical and equipment products, verify them one by one, quickly check and handle them, and strengthen guidance. Up to now, a total of 132 households in the jurisdiction have been inspected, and no price violations have been found.

How to guard the safety line? Law enforcement officers guide pharmacies to report for the sale of antigen detection reagents, focusing on inspections of key links such as supply qualifications, purchase channels, storage conditions, and sales flows of anti-epidemic medical equipment products; licensed pharmacists review prescription drugs, prohibited drugs on the Internet, prescription non-prescription drug divisions, and prescription drug networks Carry out online and offline synchronous inspections in accordance with requirements such as page display.In terms of guarding the epidemic prevention line, law enforcement officers have taken multiple measures to strengthen the implementation of normalized basic epidemic prevention measures in pharmacies, continuously updated the pharmacy epidemic prevention toolkit according to policy adjustments, strengthened policy interpretation and work guidance, and urged pharmacies to comprehensively carry out self-inspection and rectification

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Xicheng market supervision strengthens pharmacy inspections to ensure drug safety for the masses

The Xicheng District Market Supervision Bureau announced that in the past few days, the bureau has continued to pay attention to the supply changes in the pharmaceutical equipment market, and strengthened inspections of 153 operating pharmacies in the jurisdiction to ensure the safety of the public. During their work, law enforcement officers regard the daily operation of pharmacies and the implementation of epidemic prevention and control requirements as the focus of supervision, pay close attention to key links such as drug purchase channels, product storage, and sales management, and continue to strengthen risk prevention and control to ensure the quality and safety of medical devices. At the same time, urge pharmacy operators to follow the pricing principles of fairness, legality, honesty, and credibility, and strictly implement the regulations on clearly marked prices. Strengthen price reminders and warnings, strictly investigate price fraud, price gouging and other illegal activities, and maintain the order and stability of drug market prices.

Changping and Tongzhou market supervision keep a close eye on the prices of daily necessities

In addition, recently, the Changping District Market Supervision Bureau has also cooperated with the Changping Investigation Team of the National Bureau of Statistics, the District Development and Reform Commission, the District Bureau of Commerce and other relevant departments to carry out joint inspections, strengthen market supervision and law enforcement, and make every effort to ensure the stability of daily necessities and drug prices. Law enforcement officers went deep into farmers’ markets and large supermarkets in their jurisdictions to conduct law enforcement supervision, cost investigations, price monitoring and supply inspections on the prices of vegetables, meat, eggs and other important livelihood commodities that citizens are most concerned about, and urged all business entities to strictly implement clearly marked prices , to avoid price gouging.

The Tongzhou District Market Supervision Bureau continues to strengthen law enforcement inspections of the prices of daily necessities such as rice, noodles, grains and oils. Through the organic combination of advance checks at important nodes, daily checks at wholesale links, and random checks at retail terminals, retail prices and wholesale prices, current prices and previous prices, The prices of the inspected merchants are compared in real time with the prices of similar commodities in surrounding merchants to strictly ensure the stability of the prices of daily necessities in the jurisdiction.

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