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Belluno, Fusaro and center-right united: “Let’s renew the city”

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Belluno, Fusaro and center-right united: “Let’s renew the city”

The candidate is satisfied with the support of Lega, Forza Italia and Fratelli d’Italia “A decision taken independently by the coalition, now ahead with the confrontation”

FELTRE. “I am open to an all-out confrontation with people who represent the spirit of my civic list. The center-right coalition that firmly supports my candidacy decided it independently, without pressure or requests from us. We will discuss, without preclusions of any kind, on government proposals and on the people who consider a renewal useful for our city ». A brief comment is the one that comes from the candidate for mayor, Viviana Fusaro when the support of the center-right was made official which, as already announced yesterday by our newspaper, took a unanimous position.


“In recent months, the center-right political and civic forces have embarked on a path of work and discussion on the many issues left on the table by the current left-wing administration, which has come to an end”, this is the premise of the press release signed by the Lega coordinators, Forza Italia and Brothers of Italy. “They were ten difficult years in which the city was divided by administrative decisions often dictated by ideological and impractical visions. After the analysis of the current situation of the municipality of Feltre, the coalition addressed the programmatic issues relating to our territory: from real participation in decisions, to safety, from urban decor to city development, from work to school, from the world of volunteering. and sport, to the world of youth, from health care to assistance to fragile people, always keeping in mind the needs of citizens “.

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“It was a constructive and shared experience that united even more the alliance in the choices aimed at the future”, the statement continues, “with the awareness that, only united it will be possible to change the whole territory of Feltre”.


There would have been candidates willing to speak out for the felt need for change. But, as Dario Scopel, coordinator of Forza Italia underlines, “after the preparatory path, in a unanimous and mature way, it was decided to form a single, large, strong and broad coalition between political and civic forces and identify and support as the only candidate for mayor Viviana Fusaro to represent together the change so desired by many people from Feltre now discouraged by a policy made up of fake participation. We are sure that the characteristics of the candidate for mayor Fusaro who in her career has always shown stubbornness, competence, willingness to listen, will lead to the election of the first woman mayor in the history of our beautiful city. Finally, we would like to express a particular thanks to the various and valid candidates who, despite having given their availability, have recognized the priority of a shared and enlarged project that will give a renewal to municipal policy ».

Andrea Stella, regional manager of Fratelli d’Italia and electoral coordinator for the municipality of Feltre, echoes Dario Scopel: «The center-right has shown maturity avoiding splits, indeed finding unity in the excellent candidacy of Professor Fusaro. A choice that after ten years allows the center-right to present itself with a winning candidacy ». –

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