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Bukele acquires weapons to shoot down drones

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The president of the Republic, Nayib Bukelereinforced his strong-arm leadership by showing himself last weekend with a sophisticated weapon of the latest generation to fight crime

“The new weapons have just arrived,” says Bukele in the photo uploaded to his X account, formerly Twitter, taken in the presidential house, and without giving further explanations. The comment alluded to a policy of purchasing weapons for his controversial policies to combat crime, which have provided him with political benefits.

After hours of speculation from his followers, the mystery was revealed: it is a weapon called DroneGun Tactical produced by the DroneShield company.

According to the company on its website, it is a highly effective rifle designed what It aims to shoot down drones at long range, without having to destroy them.

The design of the weapon is based on high-performance directional antennas, with an interface that allows the weapon to be configured and adapted to the situation. Can “select and activate the jamming frequency range to defeat the target”, according to the manufacturing company.

The DroneGun Tactical has a pair of batteries capable of providing up to two hours of autonomy. What differentiates it from the rest of anti-drone weapons, the company says, It is the range and the very wide variety of frequencies with which it can work at the same time.


“The DroneGun Tactical provides a safe countermeasure against a wide range of unmanned weapons threats (e.g. drones), without harming common models of those weapons or the surrounding environment,” the rifle’s prospectus adds. And he says that when the jamming frequency is activated, the drones “they will respond by making a vertical landing in situ or returning to their remote controller or starting point.”

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