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Bukele will resign in December to run for re-election

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Bukele will resign in December to run for re-election

The President of El Salvador, Nayib Bukele, will resign from his position next December, six months before the end of his term, with the aspiration of being the candidate for re-election.

In an interview with RPP, deputy Christian Guevara, head of the bench of the ruling Nuevas Ideas party, reiterated that Bukele will submit to the election process in 2024 and will participate as a candidate on February 4 of that year, election day. “If the Salvadorans decide, he will continue, and if not, his mandate has come to this point.”

Guevara also announced that a “presidential designee” will be appointed, who will be in charge of completing the remaining six-month period.

On the Nuevas Ideas Twitter account, they published an image of the current president with the caption: “In the 2024 elections we will be able to see the face of our President Nayib Bukele.”

Guevara recalled that a lawsuit before the Constitutional Court requested that a citizen be sanctioned for promoting re-election, since the Magna Carta stipulates that doing so could lead to the loss of the rights of citizenship.

However, in the ruling of the case it was determined that the current president could aspire to the presidency again, as long as he did not exercise power six months before the elections. As explained by the parliamentarian, this caveat applies when re-election is immediate.

This controversial decision occurred in September 2021, when five magistrates of the Constitutional Chamber issued a surprising resolution that enabled re-election, arguing that only “the people” have the power to decide whether or not they want the president to continue. in his position. with RT

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