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Cancellation of the sponsor after having requested Humanitarian Parole

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Cancellation of the sponsor after having requested Humanitarian Parole

Cubans Waiting in Despair for Humanitarian Parole

The issue of Humanitarian Parole for Cubans seeking entry into the United States has sparked controversy and frustration among thousands of individuals on both sides of the Strait of Florida. A recent debate in the Facebook group “Humanitarian Parole” has brought to light the question of whether a sponsorship for Humanitarian Parole can be canceled by the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) after it has been requested under form I-134A.

One of the main concerns is the lack of clear and uniform procedures for notifying beneficiaries when a sponsorship is canceled. Many members of the group shared their experiences, with some reporting that sponsorships had been canceled simply by sending a letter or updating their online application in the USCIS section.

The uncertainty and wait for a decision on their Humanitarian Parole cases have led many Cubans to take drastic measures. Some have chosen to travel to other destinations and make their way to the United States, often via a journey through Central America. Before arriving at any of the eight border control points, they make an appointment at CBP One to obtain an I-94 document, which functions similarly to Parole and allows for the application to the Cuban Adjustment Law.

The eligibility criteria for Humanitarian Parole require demonstrating an urgent and significant need beyond mere convenience. The application process involves submitting Form I-134A by a sponsor in the United States, along with detailed justification and evidence of financial solvency.

The ongoing uncertainty and lack of clarity surrounding the Humanitarian Parole process continue to cause angst and despair among Cubans awaiting decisions on their cases, some of whom have been waiting since January. The situation highlights the need for clearer procedures and communication regarding the sponsorship and application process for Humanitarian Parole.

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