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[Car rollover scene]Goose father is dying, and now Putin’s mouth is left-China Digital Times

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[Car rollover scene]Goose father is dying, and now Putin’s mouth is left-China Digital Times

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title:[Car rollover scene]Goose father is dying, and now Putin’s mouth is all that’s left
author:China’s digital age
Date of publication:2022.9.12
Subject classification:Russia invades Ukraine
CDS Collection:Discourse Hall
Copyright statement:The copyright of this work belongs to the original author. The China Digital Age archives only the originals to combat China’s online censorship. Detailed copyright notice.

On September 11, the official Weibo of the Global Times released two new developments on the Russian-Ukrainian war. The first news was that the Ukrainian armed forces had recaptured Balakleya, which was the first large town recaptured in the Ukrainian counter-offensive. The second message is to forward the statement of the Russian Ministry of Defense, saying that the Russian troops stationed in the Balakleya and Izum areas will be regrouped. Some netizens believe that the Global Times reposted the Russian statement following the battlefield trends, or implied that the Russian army still has the possibility to counterattack and change the situation. The important town of Izum.


However, the comment areas of these two Weibo posts were met with a huge overturn in comments. Many netizens left comments mocking Russia’s military striving, and some netizens even condemned the injustice of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Regarding the sudden change in the style of painting in the comment area, some netizens asked “where is the sound of Ulla half a year ago”.


The following are excerpts from the comments of netizens by the editor of China Digital Times:

I just wanted to talk to myself: Putin’s mouth is all that’s left in Russia.

Fushu Qihua 457952487: Let’s see how you make it up to the end.

pikkiyl: Big hair is too stretchy, get ready to retake Vladivostok!

Loutai Fengyu-01: “Reassembled”, does it mean it was beaten and collapsed? // Snow Mountain Eternal Leader: The unpleasant saying is to gather the rest.

The ruffian old boy: Lao Maozi has been embarrassed and lost in this war. The difference between the comparison with the West is all-round.

The mountains are high and the water is self-improving: Why don’t you directly say that Russia is negatively advancing, or negatively attacking?

Yaksha in hand: The first time that Russia invaded in good faith and Ukraine resisted maliciously. Now the 18th round: the Ukrainian army attacked in a panic and chased after it; the Russian army fled in victory and retreated heroically.

Weekend Digital: The horn of the counterattack is sounded, and the winter season is here. I just don’t know whose “Bitter Winter” is.

Mist-seeking Sleepwalking z: At first, I thought that the battle would end in 2 months at most, but it was delayed until now and I was counterattacked. Maozi’s combat effectiveness is really bad now.

I just want to talk to myself: Russia’s fight against Udong can almost be said to be a local battle, and it’s still like this.

The flag of Daguerre: Has the yellow Russia lost its voice recently?

My screen name is a bit long 666: Where is the Ulasheng from half a year ago?

Tons of leeks, leeks: Malicious counterattack, goodwill rally.

Tomorrow_poway: Now look around for the teeth, find the teeth and then counterattack.

Drifting Wind-v: If you don’t fight this war, you can still maintain the so-called second military power in the world. This is over, and everyone knows it’s a paper tiger.

I am not Brother Chang: congratulations on the great defeat of Russia, and wait for the major media to continue editing.

The first few summers: The invaders will fail.

Hengshan 3: No matter how powerful the propaganda machine is, there are times when it cannot justify itself.

It’s so sweet to see people eating melons: A tragic day for Global Pink.

adam7smith: The complete collapse of Russia is in everyone’s interest.

Beijing Swordsman: Your father is dying.

The breeze and the running water are booming: why don’t you see Russia blowing?

Dai Yueping: The death knell for the invaders has almost sounded.

Li Yibai: Why did you pull the goose father?

Lewandv: We call it a strategic retreat, they call it a regroup, hahahaha~

Grape Luo 77: Come on Ukraine, I believe that victory belongs to Ukraine in the end.

You are my little u cute Ya: Come on, Ukraine!

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