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Celebrating the Year of Harmony in China_Guangming.com

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Celebrating the Year of Harmony in China_Guangming.com

  CCTV news(News broadcast): In the festive and auspicious Chinese New Year, people from all over the world enjoy folk customs and taste culture, experience speed and fun in ice and snow sports, celebrate the New Year, enjoy holidays and have a good time in colorful ways.

Beijing’s Spring Festival garden activities are booming. In Shichahai, Beijing, the Spring Festival market activities have a strong flavor of the old Beijing. There are booths displaying folk culture such as sugar paintings, dough figurines, and rabbit masters. Citizens and tourists experience intangible cultural heritage culture in the market. You can also have fun on the historic Shichahai Natural Ice Rink.

Lively celebrate the new year. In the millennium-year-old city of Langzhong, Sichuan, a series of folk activities such as the blessings of the elderly during the Spring Festival made tourists happy; to Tongli Ancient Town in Suzhou, Jiangsu, to experience the strong flavor of the Jiangnan water town, the parade of “the number one scholar returning to his hometown” and the shadow puppet show etc., showing the local traditional folk customs.

Reunion is the strongest flavor of the year. In Jinxiu Community, a resettlement site in Qianxi, Guizhou, the resettled people of Miao, Yi and other ethnic minorities steamed glutinous rice, made glutinous rice cakes, sang and danced, and celebrated the festive season; They also sang operas, listened to operas, performed programs, and celebrated the New Year together.

To enjoy the holidays, museums and science and technology museums are good places to go. The “rabbit” element cultural relics exhibition exhibited by the Tianjin Museum allows the audience not only to understand the “rabbit culture” that has existed for thousands of years, but also to experience the traditional handicraft Tianjin dough figurines on the spot and make a “Jade Rabbit Welcomes the New Year”. The “Meeting the Future” themed exhibition, jointly organized by the Science and Technology Communication Center of the China Association for Science and Technology and the China Science and Technology Museum, integrates technology, culture, art and education, and demonstrates the scientific imagination of scientists and artists on the future world.

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Feel the speed and fun in the ice and snow. The Ice and Snow Carnival on the Songhua River in Harbin, Heilongjiang, and more than 30 ice and snow entertainment projects such as snowmobiles, attract more than 30,000 tourists every day. Gliding on the ice; the ski resorts in the south are not inferior, and the popularity of many alpine ski resorts in Chongqing is rising, and ski lovers enjoy their holidays at extreme speed.

Fireworks are shining brightly to celebrate the festive season. Last night (January 23), the Spring Festival Fireworks Show in Shantou, Guangdong was in full bloom. The combination of fireworks and music was booming and majestic, showing the new style of the hometown of overseas Chinese in the New Year; In even districts, lanterns of various colors adorn the city, radiant with brilliance and a sense of the New Year; in parks such as Baotu Spring in Jinan, the Spring Festival Lantern Festival competes to light up the night sky, and citizens and tourists wander in the sea of ​​lanterns to feel the joyful and peaceful festive atmosphere.

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