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CNR celebrates 30 years of innovating in the transformation of El Salvador

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CNR celebrates 30 years of innovating in the transformation of El Salvador

Since the 90’s, the National Registry Center (CNR) was born as an autonomous administrative and financial institution, with the mission of providing an agile and efficient service, now with presence in the 14 departments of the country, guaranteeing the legal security of real estate and mortgage services, trade, intellectual property, movable, cartographic and cadastral guarantees.

The senior administration, led by the Executive Director, Camilo Trigueros, is making significant changes that have contributed to the development of the country, economically and socially, under modern, innovative, transparent, self-sustainable and quality management, guaranteeing the effective access of institutional services to the Salvadoran population. Today the CNR celebrates 30 years, leaving a record in history.

During the commemorative event, the Executive Director of the CNR reported that during the year 2023, 1,244,124 services were provided to the population, highlighting 120,853 sales for the Real Property and Mortgage Registry; 91,236 cadastral locations in the National Geographic and Cadastre Institute; 5,478 registrations in the Registry of Movable Guarantees, which is equivalent to an amount of guaranteed loans of $3 billion dollars; 31,846 renewals of company registrations in the Commercial Registry; and 11,215 brand registrations in the Intellectual Property Registry, which translates into an increase of 5.4%.

And the institution has made a significant leap and worthy of recognition in terms of technology and innovation, offering services for the Salvadoran population such as: the electronic presentation ticket, reduction in waiting times with the new turn-taking system , as well as 24/7 attention through the Chat Bot on WhatsApp, and the implementation of services with an electronic seal through the Registry of Movable Guarantees.

On the other hand, he explained that the CNR is carrying out important projects aimed at promoting intellectual property by encouraging creativity and innovation through mobile IP (aimed at entrepreneurs, members of SMEs, MSMEs, CDMYPES, young entrepreneurs, communities and any other group of people), as well as Electronic IP Agents (BDAPI), a sustainable and modern notification dashboard structure.

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The CNR contributes to energizing the country’s economy, through resolutions associated with registrations, deposits and others issued by the Commercial Registry, which will now be delivered in electronic format and the Simplified Share Companies (SAS), which are a new type of a commercial company that allows it to be established with a single shareholder; These being natural or legal persons.

The CNR will continue to travel through El Salvador from end to end, which is why they have become the first government institution to make use of the agreement that President Nayib Bukele signed with Google, through El Salvador Maps, where they are already in the Google Earth, Google Earth Pro and Google Maps platforms (orthophotos, and
terrestrial panoramas made by our own team), having more than 120,000 users, with more than 400,000 visits.

The CNR works hard to guarantee the legal security of real estate, therefore, it presents the new online literal certification service, as well as the simple sale and purchase presentation service in any registry office nationwide, regardless of the department it belongs to. the property (this service is available to citizens as of this day).

For Camilo Trigueros, being part of the history of the institution, more than a challenge, has been an enormous honor, contributing to the development of an institution that today is at the forefront with services, we are moving forward in the mandate of President Bukele, to be better every day, to be the public better than the private, innovating in the provision of new services, this day we have presented to the Salvadoran population new services and projects that will continue to innovate the registry and cadastral history of El Salvador, he highlighted.

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our users, for our El Salvador, building a true democracy.

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