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Community mothers protest for decent food for children

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Community mothers protest for decent food for children

The food rations that are provided to the boys and girls who receive care in community homes are not ideal and do not arrive in adequate quantities, as stated by hundreds of community mothers in the department. This was one of the causes that led to yesterday’s protest.

It is not an exclusive situation of the Risaraldense territory and it is not a request from now, for several years the community mothers have made this request to the national Government. This has been done through marches, sit-ins and a series of other activities.

Only in Risaralda there are around 12,000 minors who receive care from more than 700 community mothers. Despite the protests of the community mothers, their requests have not had an ‘echo’ in the different national leaders, because there are already several presidents who have governed the country, and who apparently have not done much to respond positively to this order.

Other reasons
The food situation is not the only cause for which community mothers in Risaralda and other parts of the country are protesting. There is also the problem faced by community mothers 60 years of age or older, who to date do not receive a pension bonus, having to continue working despite their age.

The service provided by these people, the vast majority of whom are women, is essential since the future of millions of boys and girls in the country is in their hands, however, this recurring request has not been ‘echoed’ by the rulers either.

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To the two aforementioned requests (food and pension bonus), another requirement is added, it is the direct contracting of community mothers by the Colombian Institute of Family Welfare (ICBF).

Yesterday during the protest, the community mothers of Risaralda assured that this had been a commitment of the national government, but for now outsourcing continues in the sector, affecting thousands of families.


Adriana Parra
“Community mothers have always protested peacefully, we demand that the national government comply with each of the points that were discussed at the negotiating table, it is not fair that they continue playing with us.”

Natalia Nieto
“We are standing in the fight for all the community mothers, but above all for the boys and girls of Colombia. We need them to stop giving minors a pittance of food, in addition to the pension bonus.”

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