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Crash in Le Campe sull’Agordina: a carabiniere and a girl were injured

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Crash in Le Campe sull’Agordina: a carabiniere and a girl were injured

Clash between a Nissan and a motorcycle. The helicopter lands on the regional “203”, traffic blocked for two hours

THE AGORDINA VALLEY. Two injured in the clash that blocked the Agordina in Le Campe yesterday afternoon: a motorcyclist was transferred to the hospital in Belluno on board the helicopter; the Honda driver was also in hospital, taken by ambulance to Agordo again due to trauma of medium severity. CDL, 26, has suffered several fractures and has a 60-day prognosis. Seven days for comrade LC, the carabiniere of the Sedico station, who drove the motorbike: he was free from duty.

It was around 3 pm when the Honda motorcycle was traveling towards Belluno along the Regionale 203. In the opposite direction came the Nissan driven by a 75 year old from Treviso from Castelfranco, AZ. The two vehicles collided violently where the road straightens a little, leaving the perspective between one curve and the other less blind. The center line is continuous in that stretch, no overtaking, the lanes are very narrow among other things. From the first reconstructions of the carabinieri, the Nissan X Trail has invaded the opposite roadway. The two vehicles crashed: the Honda crashed into the front left corner of the Nissan, the driver’s side. Defeat that part of the nose, the SUV wheel exploded, which left a long black stripe on the asphalt. The two centaurs ended up on the ground. The 26-year-old girl reported the worst: she was first rescued in an ambulance, then the Suem helicopter landed on the street and transferred her to the emergency hospital in Belluno. For her the probable open fracture of the femur.

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The 27-year-old carabiniere companion at the Sedico station was also in hospital: he was transferred by ambulance to the Agordo hospital again for trauma of medium severity.

For motorists on 203 it was a blocked afternoon: the road was closed for a few hours in both directions, also to allow the helicopter to land.

The carabinieri of Falcade proceeded with the findings of the accident: negative alcohol tests for everyone. The Agordo firefighters have restored the road to safety.

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