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D3/J5: statistics and results

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D3/J5: statistics and results

The third division national championship shelled its fifth day this Saturday. A total of 16 matches were played in the four pools.

After three victories in a row, ASFOSA of Lomé experiences a setback by conceding a draw of zero goal everywhere against the Academy Sports Liberty of Agbodrafo. Etoile Polaire for his part surprised Carmel FC at home by dominating it 1 goal to 0. In pool B, As Tchékpo bit the dust on his own facilities 1 goal against 2 against Atlantic while Koto de Moretan showers JJK. In Group C, Odalou pulverizes US Agbandi 7 goals to 0. At the end of this day, 31 goals have been scored in 16 games for an average of 1.94 goals per game. 11 wins and 5 draws were recorded. The heaviest score of the day comes from Pool C where Odalou atomizes US Agbandi 7 goals to 0.

Here are results

Pool A

Winners 1-1 Inyass Fa

Carmel 0-1 Polar Star

Liberty Sports Academy 0-0 ASFOSA

Lions de Romario 0-0 Juventus


1-Polar Star 10 pts +3

2-ASFOSA 10 points -2

3-Carmel 9 pts +2


5-Inyass 7 pts +0

6-Liberty Sports Academy 5 pts-1

7-Lions of Romario 4 pts-4

8-Winners 4pts-2

Pool B


Down 1-0 US Gléi

Koto 3-0 JJK

As Genito 0-1 Olympique de vo

As Tchékpo 1-2 Atlantic


1-You drop 10 pts+3

2-Olympic of vo 10 pts+1

3-Koto 8pts+1

4-Atlantic 8 pts-1

5-Us Gleï 7 pts +1

6-JJK 6 pts -1

7- As Tchékpo 3 pts-6

8-As Genito 2 pts-4

Pool C

Tac 1-0 Agodobi

Odalou 7-0 Us Agbandi

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Aledji 0-0 Mini Warriors

As Mo 3 -1 Abou Ossé

Pool D

Black Tiger 1-1 MCc

JSD 0-1 Boundja

Ace Dankpen 2-1 Almighty

As Djermabou 0-2 Arsenal.

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