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Daniel Quintero resigned as mayor of Medellín

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Daniel Quintero resigned as mayor of Medellín

What had been rumored since last week about the imminent resignation of the mayor of Medellín, and which gained more strength on the morning of Saturday, September 30, was confirmed on the night of that same day, after the Ministry of the Interior gave to know the decree with which Óscar Jesús Hurtado, who currently works as Secretary of the Government in that city, was temporarily appointed to that position.

“Mr. Daniel Quintero Calle, through a communication filed with the presidency of the Republic on September 30, 2023, presented irrevocable resignation from the position of Mayor of Medellín Special District of Science, Technology and Innovation (…) In merit of the foregoing, DECREES (…) Acceptance of resignation. “Accept, as of the date, the resignation presented (…) Appoint Mr. Oscar de Jesús Hurtado Pérez as mayor in charge of Medellín (…) without separating himself from the functions of the position of which he holds,” the document states. .

In it they point out that in the coming days, the President of the Republic, Gustavo Francisco Petro, will request a shortlist from which the local leader will be chosen for the last three months remaining of the administration, while the regional elections are held and the winner takes possession.

Quintero says goodbye with one last controversy within his controversial administration since, apparently, in this way he would be removing a sanction that the Attorney General’s Office would have ready for him, after last Thursday, September 21 insulted and made strong accusations against councilor Sebastián López in an embarrassing moment in front of the media.

Given the insults and statements that the lobbyist was a thief, the Public Ministry began a new disciplinary process with which they would suspend him from office again for about three months, the same time he had left of his term that ended next December 31. December.

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The councilor of the Democratic Center and the mayor of Medellín, Daniel Quintero, had a strong confrontation in the city Council.

It should be remembered that in the last presidential elections, Quintero published a video on his official account of the social network to current President Petro and improper participation in politics, which resulted in his temporary suspension as mayor of Colombia’s second city.

Quintero’s last day as mayor of Medellín

The resignation was considered imminent since this Saturday morning, after Quintero, wearing a cap and a blue t-shirt that bore the phrase “The Power of Truth”, distributed a newspaper with the balance of his management in these almost four years of being in charge of the destinies of the capital of Antioquia.

In fact, in one of the sections of the video he published in

“I wanted to give you what we did for you and for the city. We have called it The Power of Truth where we tell all the truths, also the lies that are told, but the truth is here. We made parks, we gave computers to the children, we are building another metro line,” said the now former president.

Quintero also leaves in the middle of a serious complaint against his administration by the citizen oversight body Todos por Medellín for what would be an alleged cartel of contracts with the entities Metroparques, Inder (Institute of Sports and Recreation) and the Area Metropolitan of the Aburrá Valley, highlighted in the newspaper El Tiempo.

These three entities of the Mayor’s Office designated 120,000 million pesos, of the 268,000 they manage, to 22 companies, organized into eight groups, in what would be a distribution of contracts, and in which it was also evident that five of these entities They were created between October 2019 and February 2022, highlighted from the investigation on the RCN Radio station.

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“On Tuesday, September 19, they filed the respective complaints with the Prosecutor’s Office, the Attorney General’s Office and the Superintendency of Industry and Commerce where some officials were apparently committing five crimes, which are: conclusion of contracts without compliance with legal requirements, violation of the legal regime or constitutional of inabilities and incompatibilities, embezzlement by appropriation, falsehood in a public document and falsehood in a private document,” the radio quoted the statements of Piedad Restrepo, director of Medellín Como Vamos. With Infobae

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