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“Digital Guangxi Kunpeng Ascension Industry Ecological Conference” Held in Nanning – China Daily

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“Digital Guangxi Kunpeng Ascension Industry Ecological Conference” Held in Nanning – China Daily

In order to gain insight into the development path of artificial intelligence and jointly build an intelligent future, on September 23, the “Digital Guangxi Kunpeng Rising Industrial Ecology Conference” organized by Huawei was held in Nanning. At the China-ASEAN Artificial Intelligence Conference sub-forum, Chang Cheng, President of Huawei China Government and Enterprise Data Center Solutions, said, “The rapid development of artificial intelligence is going deeper and deeper into reality, constantly changing our world. In this process, Huawei focuses on computing. The industry is rooted in technological innovation, continuously upgrading the basic software and hardware platforms of Kunpeng and Shengteng, creating a systematic ecological industry, and building a solid foundation for China‘s computing power.”

Focusing on technological innovation at the root of the computing industry, Kunpeng and Shengteng build a computing power base

With the continuous maturity of artificial intelligence technology, especially the integration and development with the industry, the application scenarios of AI have further expanded from single-scenario pilots to all-scenarios. In 2018, the industry penetration rate of artificial intelligence was only 4%, but as of last year, the industry penetration rate of artificial intelligence has reached 7%, and it has brought profound changes in scenarios such as smart cities, manufacturing, transportation, and medical care.

“It is predicted that the industry penetration rate of artificial intelligence will reach 20% in 2026, injecting new kinetic energy into the digital economy.” When talking about the development of artificial intelligence, Changcheng said, “At the same time, the rapid development of artificial intelligence is going deeper and deeper, constantly changing Our world. First, AI is profoundly changing our way of life and production, entering more and more scene applications; secondly, in the field of emerging applications, the industry is promoting mutual development with AI, such as multimodal Content generation, robotic applications, and even autonomous driving; finally, in cutting-edge fields, scientific research and AI exploration continue to collide, broadening the boundaries of technology and making the impossible possible.”

Chang Cheng, President of Huawei China Government and Enterprise Data Center Solutions

Huawei focuses on technological innovation at the root of the computing industry, enabling developers and partners to launch competitive products and solutions based on Kunpeng and Ascend. And open source Euler, Gauss, Shengsi and other basic software, participate in the construction of multiple artificial intelligence computing centers across the country, and help Pengcheng Laboratory to build China Computing Network.

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Kunpeng full-stack upgrade, from usable to easy to use and easy to use

In empowering partners and users to make good use of Kunpeng’s computing power, Chang Cheng said, “The first full-scenario LTS version of digital infrastructure released by Euler has achieved interoperability with Hongmeng. The 3.0 version of openGauss was launched in the community as scheduled, and the data center scenario Extend to the edge to support multiple scenarios. At the same time, Kunpeng has also upgraded the two major suites of Kunpeng DevKit and BoostKit, enabling developers to efficiently develop natively, and achieve application performance doubling through “data affinity” acceleration components.”

In the two years since Euler was open source, the development has exceeded expectations. Up to now, the total installed capacity of the entire Euler system has exceeded 1.7 million units, and the community has gathered more than 370 global corporate members. As an open source operating system for digital infrastructure, Euler has achieved 100% coverage of mainstream computing architectures, becoming the best open source operating system that supports diverse computing power. In addition, in the northbound application ecology, it cooperates with partners to adapt to more than 10,000 applications, supports 100% of mainstream application scenarios, and meets different application needs of various industries.

Since openGauss has been open source for two years, it has continued to focus on core business scenarios, and has built basic capabilities with excellent performance and rich enterprise features. The just-launched version 3.0, in addition to continuous innovation in key enterprise-level features, also made major upgrades for application scenarios, and released a lightweight version for edge scenarios; complete cluster management components; support for MySQL syntax compatibility and data migration; Distributed application scenarios, joint partners launch four new capabilities of high-performance distributed solutions.

Ascend AI is booming, creating the foundation for industry intelligence

Ascend AI has built an intelligent foundation for the transformation and upgrading of thousands of industries in urban computing infrastructure. Chang Cheng said, “We are working hard to change the development model of AI, through the root technology to lay a foundation for the industry; change the acquisition model of AI, the development of computing power network to ensure inclusiveness; change the innovation model of AI through the joint efforts of the public , to promote industrial synergy, accelerate the implementation of scientific research and innovation achievements to the industry, and make the application scale.”

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To change the development model of AI, Ascend will continue to build thick hardware, build a computing power base, and continue to strengthen software, and create an easy-to-use, easy-to-use and credible artificial intelligence platform through software and hardware collaborative innovation and upgrading. At the same time, it will continue to deepen the technology ecology, expand the business ecology, and develop the rising industry with two-wheel drive.

To change the acquisition mode of AI, local governments will build intensive artificial intelligence computing centers based on Ascend AI, and they will be launched one after another. From the original proprietary and expensive to public and inclusive, AI computing power will truly become like water and electricity. The same easy access to urban public resources. At present, Ascend has launched more than 10 urban artificial intelligence computing centers, and has provided services for more than 550 enterprises, more than 60 universities, and more than 30 scientific research units in various places. A batch of new industry applications.

To change the innovation model of AI, large models and scientific computing have become the consensus of the industry. Facing the implementation of large models, Ascend has established a complete enabling platform for large model development, making it easy to develop, adapt, and deploy large models. Facing the innovation of science + intelligence, Ascend provides basic capabilities for scientific applications. Based on high-level computing engines, unified APIs, and scientific computing libraries, it has created a scientific computing suite to accelerate the industrialization of scientific research results.

Go deep into the industry production system and work together to build a digital intelligence Guangxi

With good tools, it is necessary to go deep into the production system of the industry, and continuously combine the data of actual scenarios to carry out incremental training and iterative learning, in order to meet more diverse and changing application needs. Chang Cheng pointed out, “Such an industry production system has three characteristics. First, the computing power is built around the data deployment environment to build the industry computing power infrastructure; second, the training and promotion are integrated to build an integrated platform for training and reasoning; finally, Cloud-side collaboration enables difficult case data to be efficiently sent back to the training center, and the iterative algorithms can be quickly deployed to inference devices.” It is precisely with this innovative model as the goal that the AI ​​fusion empowerment platform created by Huawei Computing can support Partners incubate more industry solutions and go deep into industry scenarios.

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Ascend AI has also been widely used in Guangxi. At this forum, the China-ASEAN Artificial Intelligence Computing Center was officially released. The computing center adopts the Ascend full-stack artificial intelligence technology to build a basic artificial intelligence platform to provide inclusive computing power services for government departments, enterprises and institutions, and scientific research institutions. Cultivate a platform to empower the development of the artificial intelligence industry in the whole region and even facing ASEAN. The computing center project is located in Zhenbang Industrial Park, Wuxiang New District. It is planned to be constructed in two phases. In the first phase, a 40P artificial intelligence training system and a 1.4P artificial intelligence reasoning system will be built. At the same time, a China-ASEAN artificial intelligence adaptation center will be established.

As a key project of the China-ASEAN Information Port, the China-ASEAN Artificial Intelligence Computing Center will build a new type of infrastructure based in Guangxi, radiating southwest, central and south, and facing ASEAN. In key technical fields such as computing power, algorithms, and data, the project will strengthen joint innovation and focus on integrated applications. It will provide strong support for exchanges and cooperation between my country and ASEAN countries and regions in the field of digital economy, and help the capital Nanning to become a China-ASEAN The computing power service output area and the development highland of the artificial intelligence industry will contribute new strength to promoting the high-quality economic and social development of Nanning.

It is reported that Guangxi is an important node of the “Digital Silk Road”, a bridgehead radiating ASEAN, and has an important geographical advantage. Huawei is a witness to the leap-forward development of Digital Guangxi and the construction of China-ASEAN Information Harbor. In the future, Huawei will further increase resource investment in Guangxi, and work with all walks of life to build digital intelligence Guangxi, and work together to achieve a win-win future. (China Daily Guangxi Reporter Station)

[Editor in charge: Lv Jiashan]

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