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Dolomiti rescue race, the Czechs come out but it was a party for all the mountain rescue

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Dolomiti rescue race, the Czechs come out but it was a party for all the mountain rescue

The 11th edition of the Dolomiti rescue race, held in Pieve di Cadore, was won by the Czech Republic in a time of 2h13 ‘, an excellent performance which, however, leaves the record of 1h58’12 ”set by the Pieve team in 2017 unbeaten. On the second step of the podium the team from Val Brembana, one minute behind, while in third place (in 2h15 ‘) was classified a team from Slovenia. The bad weather granted a respite yesterday morning, allowing the 58 registered teams to arrive in Piazza Tiziano welcomed by dozens of supporters and citizens.

«A larger audience than usual», said the mayor Giuseppe Casagrande, «evidently the demonstration has entered the hearts of Cadorini. From a technical point of view, the Dolomiti rescue race is structured as a real rescue intervention in the mountains, when speed is an important element to save the life of an injured person ».

This year there were 15 foreign teams, coming from 6 European nations, the confirmation of an increasingly international event from year to year. In addition to the members of the CNSAS, mountain rescuers from the Czech Republic, Slovenia, Romania, Croatia, Poland and, for the first time, Austria participated. In addition, the rescuers of the Guardia di Finanza of Cortina. Organized by the Pieve di Cadore Alpine Rescue station (with the contribution of Marco Da Col and the support of the II Delegation of the Belluno Dolomites and the Cnsas Veneto), the competition is held in teams of four components each, equipped with individual technical material and group. The positive difference in height was 1. 230 meters, of which 250 meters of exposed rocky ridge, but suitably equipped. The descent was carried out with an abseil of sixty meters up to the path that, with a negative height difference of 1100 meters, leads to the valley bottom. Before arriving in Piazza Tiziano, at a distance of one kilometer, each team assembled their own stretcher, and then crossed the finish line by transporting it. The entire route developed on the slopes of Monte Antelao.

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“This event was born with the aim of meeting and discussing, to make friends with all the members of the Alpine Rescue in Italy and around the world“, explained the head of Cnsas Veneto, Rodolfo Selenati, “in a different context from the operational one and intervention or training. Not only, therefore, a purely sporting event, but also an opportunity to share a carefree day with your families and friends with the spirit that distinguishes every rescuer. A special thanks to the many volunteers and citizens who have given their contribution to the realization of the event ».

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