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Dongcheng Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital opens a new crown rehabilitation clinic with 50 experts to solve “post-Yangkang symptoms”-Qianlong.com.cn

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Source title: Dongcheng Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine opened a new crown rehabilitation clinic, and 50 experts organized a group to solve “post-Yangkang symptoms”

With the official implementation of the “Class B and B Control” of the new coronavirus infection in my country, the focus of epidemic prevention and control has shifted from “infection prevention” to “health protection and severe disease prevention”. The tenth edition of the new coronavirus infection diagnosis and treatment plan also pays more attention to “Yangkang” after treatment. To this end, Beijing Dongcheng Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine has recently opened a new TCM COVID-19 rehabilitation clinic. 50 experts from internal medicine, pulmonary disease, gastroenterology, acupuncture and other specialties organized a group to help solve the “post-Yangkang symptoms”.

“From the first edition to the tenth edition of the diagnosis and treatment plan, the proportion of traditional Chinese medicine treatment is more important, and the content is more rigorous and scientific. This also reflects the unique advantages and important role played by traditional Chinese medicine in the treatment of new coronavirus infection. We must do The most important thing is to give full play to the strength of the expert team, from the perspective of traditional Chinese medicine, to help patients relieve symptoms and go through the recovery period smoothly.” Wang Banglian, member of the Dongcheng District Political Consultative Conference and president of Dongcheng Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine, introduced that the hospital opened a new crown hospital since January 8. Rehabilitation clinic, 50 experts from six professional departments, “one person, one policy” diagnosis and treatment: for respiratory symptoms such as cough, sputum, and suffocation, a team of respiratory experts will provide symptomatic treatment; diarrhea, loss of appetite, indigestion Gastroenterology is responsible for symptoms such as digestive system symptoms; acupuncture and dermatology teams are responsible for headaches, dizziness, body pain and other symptoms as well as skin problems. In addition, the outpatient clinic is also subdivided into pediatrics, and pediatric experts provide treatment and medication guidance for children’s post-“Yangkang” symptoms.

“Since the opening of the new crown rehabilitation clinic, we have seen more than 800 to 1,000 people every day.” Wang Banglian said, subdividing each department by category, in order to allow each patient to receive precise treatment, and at the same time through the professional guidance of experts, to promote The recovery period resumed, and “peace of mind” was given to the patients. In fact, at the beginning of the optimization and adjustment of the epidemic prevention and control measures last month, Dongcheng Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital contributed its own strength. At the beginning of December last year, the number of people infected with the new coronavirus in the city increased. In the case of a shortage of antipyretics, Chinese patent medicines and other medicines, the hospital boiled tens of thousands of doses of Qingfei Paidu decoction every day and sent them to communities, construction sites, enterprises and institutions in Beijing Units, etc., so that more people can use Chinese medicine in the first time, and reduce the delay of the disease. Throughout 2022, all the medical staff of Dongcheng Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital will stick to the front line and provide health protection for more than 50,000 residents in Dongcheng District.

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After three years of epidemic prevention and control, my country has formed a Chinese plan for the combination of traditional Chinese and Western medicine and the combination of Chinese and Western medicine. Dongcheng Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital has made remarkable achievements in accelerating the transformation of scientific and technological achievements in traditional Chinese medicine. According to Wang Banglian, at present, the hospital has set up 20 well-known old Chinese medicine inheritance studios, specially hired 25 national-level famous old Chinese medicine masters, and more than 200 famous Chinese medicine masters and famous old Chinese medicine doctors in the capital. Assisted famous veteran Chinese medicine practitioners in sorting out and transforming dozens of prescriptions or suitable technologies, and 30 kinds of special preparations in the hospital. Among them, Ma Tongning Pills for the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis, Jianpi Yangwei Pills for Heweizhitong, and Qufenghuayusan for dermatology will be included in Beijing’s medical insurance reimbursement from January 2023. A pediatric product will be available by the end of this month.

“It is my mission as a Chinese medicine practitioner to transform Chinese medicine technology and the scientific research achievements of famous old Chinese medicine practitioners into products that serve the masses in a timely manner, and it is also a powerful measure for us to help the construction of a ‘Healthy East City’.” The hospital will take an active role in the Dongcheng District to accelerate the “advocating for the first” and implement the “six-character essay” to promote the construction of the core area of ​​the capital in the new era to a new level. It will build a health complex of traditional Chinese medicine and gather efforts to “stick to traditional Chinese medicine” The original mission of human beings is to protect the health of the people with one needle, one medicine, and one small hand.”

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