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Family memorial service for massacre victims held in Nanjing, only 38 survivors remain_News Center_China Net

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Family memorial service for massacre victims held in Nanjing, only 38 survivors left

Nanjing, December 3 (Xinhua) – In a moving family memorial service held in Nanjing, only 38 survivors of the Nanjing Massacre gathered to honor the memory of the 300,000 compatriots who perished 86 years ago.

The service, held at the Memorial Hall of the Victims of the Nanjing Massacre by the Japanese Invaders, saw survivors and their families pay homage to their loved ones. “I’m here to see you again. I’m getting older. I don’t know if I can come and give you flowers in the future,” said 94-year-old survivor Xia Shuqin in front of the “Wailing Wall.”

The “Wailing Wall,” a monumental structure engraved with the names of the victims, has been a place of solemn remembrance for the survivors. Over the years, the names have increased from 3,000 to 10,665, serving as a stark reminder of the unimaginable suffering endured during the massacre.

The service also saw two student representatives read out the names, ages, and manner of death of some of the victims, adding a human touch to the tragedy and highlighting the need to never forget the history.

For some survivors and their families, the service was an opportunity to mourn and honor their relatives who died in the massacre. Xia Yuan, granddaughter of survivor Xia Shuqin, “painted” the names of her family members on the “Wailing Wall.” “The ‘Wailing Wall’ is the only place to pay homage to the relatives who died in that war, and the ‘painting’ reminds us not to forget this period of history,” Xia Yuan said.

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Deputy Minister of the Propaganda Department of the Nanjing Municipal Party Committee and the Invaders of China Zhou Feng stressed the importance of remembering the tragic history, stating, “The sufferings of history cannot be forgotten. Nanjing will never forget the tragic history 86 years ago.”

Efforts to safeguard historical truth and pass on historical memories are ongoing, with the inheritance of family memories seen as an important way to ensure that the sacrifices of the victims are never forgotten. Ge Fengjin, son of a Nanjing Massacre survivor and one of the inheritors of the historical memory of the Nanjing Massacre, emphasized the responsibility of passing on the historical truth and the value of peace.

As the number of survivors dwindles, the importance of preserving the memories of the Nanjing Massacre becomes even more crucial. The family memorial service served as a poignant reminder of the need to carry on the legacy of the victims and ensure that the tragic history is never forgotten.

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