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Fiorello star at the Forte Marmi Political Satire Award – News

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Fiorello star at the Forte Marmi Political Satire Award – News

Cult location (la Capannina) and very modern and tight times for the awards ceremony of the 51st edition of the National Political Satire Award of Forte dei Marmi (Lucca) which celebrated politically incorrect in the times of social media. The ceremony hosted by Fabrizio Biggio crowned Fiorello as character of the year and the showman repaid with 15 minutes of laughter and a barrage of jokes about politicians, Rai, the unseen derby (he is a huge Inter fan) and the controversial book of General Vannacci who, he said, “has actually written a trilogy and tonight I will reveal the titles of the next two: ‘My best friend is gay’ and ‘Non-EU citizens do the jobs we don’t want to do'”. A few minutes of irony, just enough, irreverent and elegant. Also about Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni who was a babysitter for her daughter. “No Barbie, she made her play with Lego. She was obsessed with construction, she built large … square buildings”, said Fiorello, alluding to the architectural styles of the fascist era. Or on the story of the blackmailed Rai manager. “Have you read about the story of the Rai manager being blackmailed by an escort? Well, we are not on air now” with Viva Rai 2, he stated, almost making it clear that he regretted the opportunity of not having been able to satirise us on TV. Awarded in the other sections were Barbascura cartoonist for Fatto Quotidiano, and then “Call my agent” (Sky-Palomar) for the TV series and Giulio Armeni with the meme-novel ‘Filosofia cotta’ for social media.

“Political satire seemed to have evaporated together with politics – said Beppe Cottafavi – and instead it returns where you no longer expected it: in newspapers with cartoons that piss off politicians; on the radio with very funny press reviews; in theaters and clubs with stand-up monologues”. For mayor Bruno Murzi “satire is one of the most authentic forms of freedom and the Forte dei Marmi award has aimed to protect it, enhance it and keep it alive for 51 years”.

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