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Four structures to accelerate projects, appointments at the start

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The challenge is to approve with all the opinions and authorizations and then to contract out the large strategic investment projects of the NRP in 6-8 months by parallel (and not in sequence as happens in ordinary activity) the opinion of the Higher Council of Public Works , that of environmental impact assessment, landscape authorizations, the services conference that concludes the authorization process.

In order to make this fast track foreseen by article 44 of the simplification decree 77/2021 work, the government will proceed, in the coming weeks, to the appointment of the members of the four special structures created from scratch to manage this extraordinary path: the technical secretariat of the Pnrr at Palazzo Chigi ; the special committee of the Higher Council of Public Works (28 members plus the president); the special commission for the evaluation of the environmental impact of the projects of the NRP and of the integrated national energy and climate plan (40 members); the single superintendent who will intervene in the event of an opinion or authorization for a project that falls within the competence of several superintendents.


We will start from the technical secretariat of Palazzo Chigi, for which a Dpcm will arrive as soon as the EU sends us, during the week, the advance of 24.9 billion. Mario Draghi has already prepared the provision that will come together with that of setting up the permanent table for the economic, social and territorial partnership. The two structures are pillars of the NRP and have all-round competence on missions and projects of the plan. Large strategic projects are only part of the tasks of the technical secretariat which, in any case, has the decisive competence to propose to the premier the procedures on which to exercise substitute powers.

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The other three structures, on the other hand, are the responsibility of the relevant ministries, Infrastructure, Ecological Transition and Culture. The appointments will be proposed to Draghi by the ministers Giovannini, Cingolani and Franceschini.

These are three decisive structures, but the one which has been given a central role in directing the projects is the brand new Special Committee of the Higher Council for Public Works. It will intervene in all the key steps of the approval process and will have to propose mediation solutions, for example if there are insuperable disagreements in the service conference. It will be based at the Higher Council of Public Works but will share with the Council, in effect, only the president, who will lead the new structure. The other 28 members will be newly appointed.

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