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Gay pride in Lecce, mayor ‘trust politics’ – Puglia

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Gay pride in Lecce, mayor ‘trust politics’ – Puglia

Over 3,000 participants, including the president of the Puglia Council

(ANSA) – LECCE, JULY 01 – Over three thousand people are participating in Salento Pride in Lecce for the promotion and claim of LGBTQIA+ rights. The procession, escorted on sight by the police force, started from Piazza Sant’Oronzo and is winding along the main streets of the city with floats, slogans and music. Among the demonstrators there are faces of city and regional politics, such as the president of the regional council Loredana Capone, the regional councilor Donato Metallo and the mayor of Lecce Carlo Salvemini who with the Puglia Region has granted patronage to the event.

Salvemini, wearing the tricolor sash, climbed onto one of the floats for a short speech. “Go back to having faith in politics” he said, “have the patience of a monk, the courage of a warrior and the enthusiasm of a child”, he said, quoting the Indian social entrepreneur Sharad Sagar. (HANDLE).

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