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General Secretary Xi Jinping Inspires Unity and Reconstruction Efforts in Flood-Stricken Areas

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On September 7, General Secretary Xi Jinping visited Longwangmiao Village in Shangzhi City to inspect the damage caused by the recent floods and the progress of post-disaster reconstruction. During his visit, he expressed his deep concern for the people in the disaster area and encouraged them to work together under the leadership of the party organization to overcome difficulties and build a beautiful home.

Shangzhi City, known for its significant grain production, experienced severe flooding in August due to Typhoon Dusuri. Longwangmiao Village, located in the southwest of the city, was particularly affected by the floods. However, thanks to the swift organization of post-disaster reconstruction efforts by the city, township, and village levels, and the support from national, provincial, and municipal party committees and governments, the village has made remarkable progress in restoring its production and living order.

Yang Chungui, a villager in Longwangmiao Village, shared his excitement and gratitude after meeting General Secretary Xi Jinping during his visit. The General Secretary showed genuine concern for every aspect of Yang’s life, asking about his family, farming, income, and the measures taken to reduce losses from the disaster. Yang expressed how the General Secretary’s caring nature made him feel warm in his heart.

The support from various parties played a crucial role in the swift recovery and reconstruction of Longwangmiao Village. Shangzhi City mobilized hundreds of municipal departments and town and village cadres to form flood prevention and disaster relief teams. They provided assistance, distributed essential items to affected families, and collaborated with local communities to rebuild homes. The municipal units also established direct contact with affected villages for one-on-one assistance, ensuring that the needs of the disaster-stricken people were addressed promptly.

In less than a month, significant progress has been made in rebuilding Longwangmiao Village. Residents like Yang Chungui expressed their gratitude for the help received from government officials at all levels. They acknowledged that without their support, the rapid progress achieved would have been impossible.

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The focus now is on reconstructing homes to ensure that the disaster-stricken people can live in warm and safe conditions, especially with the approaching winter season. The General Secretary emphasized the importance of maximizing the construction period and ensuring the quality of the houses. State-owned enterprises are actively participating in the reconstruction efforts as contractors, working diligently according to the General Secretary’s instructions.

The spirit of unity and collective effort, inspired by General Secretary Xi Jinping’s visit, continues to serve as a driving force for the people of Longwangmiao Village to forge ahead and create a better future. With ongoing support and perseverance, the village will soon be able to rebuild a beautiful home for its residents.

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