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General strike, against the Jobs act the last time of the divided trade unions

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The split in the union is confirmed in view of the general strike on December 16. An eight-hour stop proclaimed by CGIL and UIL for December 16 with the sole exclusion of the health sector on which the CISL continues to disagree.A strike that breaks the trade union front, after years of rediscovered unity and also stops the path of unitary mobilization launched together by CGIL, CISL and UIL, immediately after the government’s okay to the budget law at the end of October, to ask for changes to the maneuver, already considered “inadequate”, during the parliamentary process.

The split on the initiative of 16 December

“We do not go to the streets against the CISL, but to support the requests of the unitary platform” and obtain results, underlined the leader of the CGIL Maurizio Landini. “There is no single union. We divide the sensitivity in the response. I am sure that we will resume the unitary path », said the number one of the UIL, Pierpaolo Bombardieri. For the CISL, however, the general strike remains “wrong”: there is no need to “radicalise the conflict” but just the opposite: “dialogue, cohesion, social responsibility”, is the line emphasized by the union led by Luigi Sbarra

The assault on the headquarters of the CGIL and the temporary unit

For now, the unity that had been strengthened after the assault on the CGIL headquarters and the unitary demonstration is lacking, just less than two months ago, on October 16, in Piazza San Giovanni in Rome to say “no more fascisms”. The first to break ranks was the Fiom that immediately after the launch of the maneuver and alone had proclaimed an eight-hour strike package, a choice not shared by Fim and Uilm.

The precedent of 2014, the general strike against the Jobs act

Seven years ago, at the confederal level, the same scheme was proposed again today: on 12 December 2014 the CGIL led by Susanna Camusso and the UIL of Carmelo Barbagallo took to the streets for the general strike against the Jobs act signed by Matteo Renzi and the maneuver since then. Annamaria Furlan at the helm of the CISL went unmarked.

Divided over the school, united again over the ports

Returning to these days, Friday 10 December the CIS trade union does not join the school strike: the protest was called by Flc-Cgil, Uil Scuola, Snals Confsal and Gilda Unams, with a national demonstration in Rome that will arrive at the ministry of viale Trastevere, to ask for a change in the Budget law by providing more resources for the recruitment of staff and teachers – a way to tackle the problem of overcrowding in the classrooms – and the renewal of the contract. On the other hand, the strike by Filt-Cgil, Fit-Cisl and Uiltrasporti on 17 December which will concern the ports will be unified.

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