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Hangzhou Asian Games Main Media Center officially opens at Hangzhou International Expo Center

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Hangzhou, China – The Hangzhou Asian Games Main Media Center (MMC) was officially put into operation on September 18th. Located in the Hangzhou International Expo Center, the MMC is conveniently situated near the Hangzhou Olympic Sports Center venue complex and a short 15-minute drive from the Media Village.

Covering a total area of nearly 50,000 square meters, the main media center is divided into various sections, including the main news center, international broadcast center, and main broadcaster operation center. With advanced facilities and state-of-the-art equipment, the MMC is well-equipped to handle the high demands of media coverage during the Asian Games.

“The opening of the Hangzhou Asian Games Main Media Center marks an important milestone in our preparations for the games,” said Zhu Xutong, the editor in charge. “It will serve as the hub for journalists and media personnel from around the world, providing them with all the necessary resources and support to report on the games.”

The main news center is the heart of the media center, providing journalists with access to the latest information, press releases, and interviews with athletes and officials. The international broadcast center is responsible for transmitting live coverage of the games to audiences across the globe, ensuring that fans can follow the action from the comfort of their homes. The main broadcaster operation center coordinates all broadcasting activities, ensuring smooth operations and seamless coverage.

The Hangzhou Asian Games, scheduled to take place from September 10th to 25th, are expected to attract thousands of athletes, officials, and media personnel from all over Asia. With its top-notch facilities and efficient operations, the Hangzhou Asian Games Main Media Center is ready to play a crucial role in showcasing the event to the world.

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As the opening ceremony draws near, excitement is building among sports enthusiasts and fans eagerly awaiting the start of the games. Hangzhou is determined to make the Asian Games a memorable and successful event, showcasing its rich culture, warm hospitality, and world-class infrastructure.

Photographs of the main press center inside the Hangzhou Asian Games Main Media Center can be found on Xinhuanet, the official news agency of China. The images capture the scale and grandeur of the MMC, showcasing the impressive facilities that will be at the disposal of journalists and media personnel during the games.

With the Hangzhou Asian Games Main Media Center now operational, all eyes are on the upcoming event as athletes prepare to showcase their talents and compete for glory in a wide range of sports. As the world watches, Hangzhou stands ready to welcome the Asian Games and make history.

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