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Healthy nutrition consultant Yuriy Popko talks about products that should not be bought

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Healthy nutrition consultant Yuriy Popko talks about products that should not be bought

If the quality of the food you eat and your own health are important to you, not to mention the appearance and figure, then fitness trainer and healthy nutrition consultant Yuriy Popko named the products that should not be bought, because they will bring only harm.

«Sausage products: sausages, sausages – there is usually practically no meat and these products have little in common with meat. They contain preservatives, stabilizers, flavor enhancers, trans fats, sugar and god knows what. Thanks to them, you can imitate such a taste from anything that you will not even understand what you are actually eating. Manufacturers indicate the % of meat, but what quality is it, if it is often forged to such a state that a microscope is needed, especially if it is something like milk sausage. As for smoked products, now they use “liquid smoke”, which has long been banned in civilized countries, as it is poisonous.

Don’t take confectionery, especially mass-produced ones. The main ingredient is sugar and cheap palm oil. Excess sugar in the body leads to inflammatory processes, premature aging. Loads of empty calories and lots of unhealthy fats.

Popular sweet waters are generally solid sugar. People who say “I don’t consume sugar, now I drink tea without it” make me smile, and at the same time there are 22 spoons of sugar in a liter of sweet carbonated water.

The expert advises to forget about chips, French fries and everything from the deep fryer, since this is fried-overfried oil, which is a strong carcinogen, it is very difficult to remove it from the body.

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«The oil must be changed after each cooking of French fries! Ask the next time you changed the oil, what day it was, 2-3 days ago. And how many hundreds of times it has already boiled. Yogurts with fillers. There is a mountain of sugar in such yogurts, it is better to choose the classic one without anything, or to make it yourself.

Mayonnaise. Again, home-made is one thing, but store-bought… There you will find taste substitutes, dyes and trans fats, a lot of unnecessary calories.

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Crab sticks. I think it will not be a secret for anyone that there is nothing to do with crabs, they would then be worth several thousand hryvnias per kilo, ask how much crab meat is worth. From 2000 hryvnias. The basis is cheap fish, in fact, fish waste and a lot of preservatives, flavorings, and fillers.

Canned food of all kinds. This also includes everyone’s favorite tuna, although it is one of the best you can buy, especially in its own juice. If it is tuna, it is important where it is caught, as this type of fish often accumulates heavy metals and toxic substances.

Fruit juices have a small percentage of juice, and the rest: sugar, flavorings, and what we consider pulp, at best, will be apple pie.

As for fresh fruits, it is better to eat the whole fruit than the juice itself without fiber. Otherwise, you will receive a horse dose of glucose from fructose, which in turn provokes sharp releases of insulin.

To sum it up, choose fresh and unprocessed foods, fresh meat rather than sausage, fresh fish rather than canned food, vegetables/fruits rather than juices. The less people interfere in the processing processes, the more useful the product and the cheaper it is.”

Earlier, “FACTS” published a scientist’s comment about the hidden features of what we eat: “Herring is often put in canned goods labeled “Sardines”, and “sprats” are made from hamsa.”

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