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in Barranquilla they celebrated with fireworks

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in Barranquilla they celebrated with fireworks

On the night of Tuesday, February 27, it was learned that Colombian drug trafficker Roberto Vega Daza, member of the Vega Daza Clan, was murdered in the city of Valencia, Spain, along with two other people, apparently, for non-payment for a shipment of cocaine in that country.

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According to information recorded by the ABC media in Spain, the lifeless bodies were found inside a Volkswagen Passat vehicle in the El Saler de la Gola de Pujol area. The main hypothesis of the Civil Guard Homicide agents is that it is a crime due to a settling of scores between drug traffickers.

Roberto Vega would have fled to Panama and then to Spain after having survived the massacre recorded in Puerto Colombia, Atlántico in June 2023, where his father and brothers Rafael Julio Vega Cuello, known as ‘Kike’ Vega and Ray Jesús and Ronald Iván Vega Daza.

According to El Heraldo, after the multiple homicide of his relatives, Vega tried to seek international alliances for cocaine trafficking and was in the country of Albania, to establish alliances with Albanians and the Balkan Cartel and then travel to Spain.

Upon learning of the death of Roberto Vega Daza, in Barranquilla, Atlántico, his enemies would have celebrated with fireworks, as was evidenced in videos that circulated on social networks.

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