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Install high-speed internet in central park of Comasagua – Diario La Página

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The Undersecretary of Innovation, Denis Pocasangre, carried out the Starlink internet enablement in the central park of Comasagua, in the department of La Libertad, this is part of the implementation of an Innovation and Smart Cities ecosystem, included in the Agenda Digital 2020-2030.

“With the Connecting El Salvador program, this day we are turning on the signal in park number 45 nationwide,” said the official.

The undersecretary added that the goal is to bring connectivity to at least 100 parks or public squares throughout the country and insisted that it is about investing in the education and training of each of the Salvadorans and that these technological tools allow them to navigate Quickly and safely.

“This is part of a whole plan that is being worked on by the Presidency, in which we are bringing connectivity to all places, to all parks and public squares,” said Pocasangre.

This measure not only provides more and better tools, but also improves the quality of life of the inhabitants of families in the interior of the country, by allowing them to access educational resources, employment opportunities and government services online, but also encourages development social and economic of the population.

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