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Juan Fernando Quintero on the tightrope for the Colombian National Team

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Juan Fernando Quintero on the tightrope for the Colombian National Team

Juan Fernando Quintero He was one of those summoned by the Colombian National Team to earn a place in the next games to be played, however, the difficult situation he is going through due to an injury would leave him out of the field for a while.

This Saturday, March 18, the soccer player was summoned by Junior de Barranquilla to play against Independiente Santa Fé, but a recent ankle injury It would prevent him from playing this time despite being one of the relevant players for this match.

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The player’s diagnosis will also be given to the directives of the Colombian Football Federation since the medical part of the sports club has been evaluating Quintero’s process after the injury was diagnosed.

The footballer’s discomfort has arisen since he has problems with his left ankle since the game against Deportes Tolima but he continued to be called up in other games, which would aggravate his situation with the discomfort in that extremity.

So far, Junior has not confirmed the cancellation of Juan Fernando Quintero’s participation tonight, but it is expected that in a few hours the statement prior to the meeting with Santa Fé will be made.

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Against whom will the Colombian National Team face off?

The calendar that the ‘Tricolor’ will have for the World Cup qualifying phase was as follows:

  • Day 1: Colombia vs. Venezuela in September 2023.
  • Day 2: Chile vs. Colombia in September 2023.
  • Day 3: Colombia vs. Uruguay in October 2023.
  • Day 4: Ecuador vs. Colombia in October 2023.
  • Day 5: Colombia vs. Brazil in November 2023.
  • Day 6: Paraguay vs. FC Barcelona Colombia in November
  • Day 7: Peru vs. Colombia in September 2024.
  • Day 8: Colombia vs. Argentina in September 2024.
  • Day 9: Bolivia vs. Colombia in October 2024.
  • Day 10: Colombia vs. Chile in October 2024.
  • Day 11: Uruguay vs. Colombia in November 2024.
  • Day 12: Colombia vs. Ecuador in November 2024.
  • Matchday 13: Brazil vs. Colombia in March 2025.
  • Day 14: Colombia vs. Argentina Paraguay in March
  • Day 15: Colombia vs. Peru in June 2025.
  • Matchday 16: Argentina vs. Colombia in June 2025.
  • Day 17: Colombia vs. Bolivia in September 2025.
  • Day 18: Venezuela vs. Colombia in September 2025.
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