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Looking for strategies for organ donation

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Looking for strategies for organ donation

A meeting with coordinators of the Regional 3 of Organ and Tissue Transplants, led the Government of the Valley, in order to study strategies to strengthen the donation.

As will be recalled, Regional 3 for Organ and Tissue Transplants is made up of the departments of Valle, Nariño, Risaralda, Quindío and Cauca.

The heads of the IPS with transplantation units of the department were present at the meeting in search of consolidating a joint effort to improve donation strategies.

The Undersecretary of Insurance and Provision of Services of the Departmental Secretariat of Health, Nora Elena Muñoz Ruiz, stated that “it is important to work in an articulated way so that we interact and know the work that is carried out in Regional 3the inconveniences that exist and what improvement plans we are going to carry out”.


During this meeting, the articulation of the Cross of the District of Cali with the Departmental was raised to carry out the management of Regional 3 in some aspects such as the Single Qualification System.

For his part, the coordinator of Regional 3 for Organ and Tissue Transplants, Juan David Obregón, explained that “in this Regional, we carry out shift assignment to sensitize families who lose a loved onein the support that they can provide with the donation not only for one person but up to 55, people who can improve their quality of life”.

This meeting, asserted Anabel Vanín, head of the Transplant Unit of the Imbanaco Clinic, is important to “be able to work together to promote donation and to continue our region as the strongest in donation and transplantation in the country.”

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