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More than 40 earthquakes shook the Caribbean Sea

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More than 40 earthquakes shook the Caribbean Sea

The Caribbean Sea was the scene of a series of tremors that kept the inhabitants of the region on alert. From the afternoon of Wednesday, May 24, to the early hours of this Thursday, the 25th, the Colombian Geological Service (SGC) has registered a total of 72 seismic events, the strongest of magnitude 6.6.

The most intense tremor occurred around 10:05 pm and was felt mainly in Acandí in the department of Chocó, as well as in Necoclí and Arboletes in Antioquia, although it also affected some municipalities in the Aburrá Valley.

Just nine minutes after the magnitude 6.6 earthquake, the SGC reported a new tremor in the Caribbean Sea, this time of magnitude 4.6 and with a depth of less than 30 kilometers. This event was also perceived in some sectors of Chocó. Subsequently, at 10:23 pm, another tremor of magnitude 3.6 was recorded in the same place and with the same depth as the previous earthquake; A fourth earthquake of magnitude 3.1 was even reported in the same area.

In a period of time that spanned from 10 p.m. to dawn today, the SGC recorded a total of 41 seismic events of broad and strong intensity, all of them with shallow depth in the Caribbean Sea area.

At 1:48 in the morning, 20 kilometers from Acandí, Chocó, an event of magnitude 3.6 was reported. An hour later, another 3.5 was felt in the same area.

Around 3:47 in the morning, two tremors of magnitude 4.6 and 4.3 were registered in the Caribbean Sea, both with a depth of less than 30 kilometers. And around 4 in the morning, approximately, a magnitude 4.2 tremor was felt in the same area and with a depth of less than 30 kilometers.

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According to the International Seismic Event, the last tremor registered in the area occurred at 6:36 am local time in Panama, with a superficial depth and a magnitude of 5.0.

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