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Ombudsman’s Office pronounces on the tragic death of the minor at the Pereira school

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Ombudsman’s Office pronounces on the tragic death of the minor at the Pereira school

In response to the unfortunate event that occurred in Pereira, where a minor lost his life after being attacked with a knife at the Alfredo García Educational Institution, the Ombudsman’s Office, led by Carlos Camargo Assis, issues a statement expressing its regret and underlining the importance of safeguarding the life, integrity and other fundamental rights of girls, boys and adolescents in the country.

The Ombudsman urges the administrative and judicial authorities and the educational community to address the violence present in school environments, following the guidelines of the National School Coexistence System. He emphasizes that intolerance and bullying should not cut short the lives of minors.

Educational environments must become safe spaces where minors, in the midst of their training, enjoy the greatest possible freedom to exercise their rights, especially the right to comprehensive development.

Carlos Camargo Assis highlights the imperative need for educational institutions to function as social settings where minors exercise their right to education and begin the construction of their life projects.

The Ombudsman emphasizes that all intervention measures in school problems must be governed by a human rights approach and pedagogical processes that involve all parties with differences, seeking a peaceful resolution.

Likewise, it highlights the importance of providing information to minors, teachers, parents, caregivers and the community in general to act assertively and prevent risk situations, contributing to the construction of a culture of peace.

Carlos Camargo Assis emphasizes the responsibility of the State, society and the family in protecting girls and boys against any form of violence in the school environment. He calls for promoting respect, tolerance and dialogue as fundamental tools to prevent and address situations of aggression, thus ensuring the right to a safe and violence-free education.

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The Ombudsman’s Office reiterates its commitment to the fight against bullying, providing basic concepts, care routes and instruments for the protection of rights in schools and colleges. In addition, it raises awareness in society about the prevention of school violence.

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