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Online esoteric consultations: are they reliable?

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Online esoteric consultations: are they reliable?

the queries esoteric online are a service offered by some web pages or mobile applications that are dedicated to divination, tarot, astrology, numerology, magic or spiritualism.

These consultations consist of contacting a professional in the esoteric field who answers the questions or doubts that the client has about his personal, sentimental, work, economic or spiritual life.

But are these esoteric online consultations reliable? How to know if we are dealing with a true expert or a fake? What advantages and disadvantages do these types of services have?

Advantages of online esoteric consultations

One of the main advantages of online esoteric consultations is convenience and accessibility.

The client can carry out their consultation from anywhere and at any time, without having to travel or wait for an appointment.

In addition, you can choose the method of communication that suits you best: chat, phone call, video call, email, etc.

Another advantage is the variety and the offer

On the Internet you can find a large number of web pages and applications that offer esoteric consultations online, with different professionals, specialties and prices.

The customer can compare and choose the one that he likes best or suits his needs. needs.

Likewise, online esoteric consultations can be cheaper than face-to-face ones, since they usually have lower rates or special promotions.

They can also be more discreet and anonymous, since the client does not have to reveal their identity or personal information if they do not want to.

Disadvantages of online esoteric consultations

On the other hand, online esoteric consultations also have some disadvantages or risks that must be taken into account.

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One of them is the lack of regulation and control.

In the absence of legal regulations or an official entity that supervises this type of services, the client may find unqualified, fraudulent or malicious professionals who deceive, scam or manipulate them.

Another disadvantage is the lack of connection and trust

When making the consultation through a digital medium, the client may lose part of the human contact and closeness that is established with the professional in a face-to-face consultation.

This can hinder communication, empathy, and credibility.

In addition, online esoteric consultations may be less effective or accurate than face-to-face ones, since they depend on the quality of the Internet connection, the device used and the communication method chosen.

They can also be affected by external factors such as environmental noise, distractions or interference.

How to choose a good esoteric consultation online?

To avoid falling into deception or disappointment, it is important to follow some advice when choosing a good online esoteric consultation:

– Investigate about the professional who makes the consultation: verify their experience, their training, their references, their testimonials and their credentials.

– Compare different options and prices: Do not get carried away by offers that are too cheap or too expensive, but seek a balance between quality and price.

– Choose the most appropriate method of communication: Depending on the preferences and possibilities of the client, opt for the chat, the telephone call, the video call or the email.

– Prepare well the consultation: be clear about the purpose, questions and expectations of the consultation; be honest, respectful and open with the professional; and take note of their responses and advice.

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