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PPP wants to distribute newspapers for almost half the price of Bpost

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The Brussels private distributor PPP wants to carry out newspaper distribution for almost half the price of government company Bpost. This is evident from the assessment of the European tender that De Tijd was able to view.

Source: BELGA

Yesterday at 6:30 am

PPP wants to beg the newspapers for just under 18 cents each, while Bpost asks publishers 32 cents per newspaper, and the French Proximy 30 cents.

Today publishers pay just under 25 cents per newspaper to Bpost. The price is the decisive criterion and weighs 60 percent in the assessment.

On quality – a criterion that counts for 25 percent – PPP does not score much lower than Bpost, although the publishers call PPP’s services in Brussels disastrous. Bpost gets 22.5 points for this, while PPP gets 20 points. The company claims that it has two distribution partners in place.

On timely delivery of newspapers – a criterion that counts for 15 percent – Bpost scores best with 15 points and PPP and Proximy each achieved 12 points.

In total, PPP achieved 92 points, Proximy 72.87 and Bpost 71.15.

Proximy’s bid is also better than Bpost’s for the distribution of the magazines: Proximy gets 100 points, Bpost 96.

The federal government can hardly ignore the outcome of the tender. According to De Tijd, the French-speaking left-wing parties are investigating all options to get out of it: from procedural errors, to a regionalization of the file to the impact of a possible conviction for illegal market agreements on PPP.

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