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Publishing and Press Blog… Legislation in need of amendment

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Publishing and Press Blog… Legislation in need of amendment

Among the issues discussed at the symposium was what related to the basic system for professional journalists, which does not allow rationalization of access to the press, as the loopholes contained in the current law prevented this. These gaps are represented in the wording of the text itself, which creates a kind of ambiguity such that the definition of a professional journalist needs further scrutiny, in order for it to be realistic and clear.

In the same context, and in the context of seeking to amend these laws, the experience of the National Press Council during its establishment revealed many legal deficiencies that must be redressed, including the method of its formation, the powers granted to it, and the binding force of the decisions issued by it.

Among the imbalances is the nature of the electoral system for the National Press Council, which can be considered unfair and unbalanced with regard to the groups represented within the Council, as it equates the company that employs more than a hundred journalists and workers with the company that employs three people, and this is unacceptable, both in terms of professional responsibility. Or in terms of commercial presence, economic consequences, and financial affordability.

As for the work procedure of the Press Ethics Committee within the National Press Council, the current coercions must be ended, such as filing a direct complaint by the Council, via a direct written or telephone summons, reducing the period for reporting the complaint and the period for making a final decision on it, and the necessity of publishing the penalties on the Council’s official website. Informing the Public Prosecution of the decisions, in the event that the decisions and rulings are not implemented.

Reforming the press sector also requires controlling the work of publishing and digital broadcasting to protect society from ethical transgressions and potential threats to freedoms, human dignity and security. This requires adding requirements related to electronic publishing and broadcasting.

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Among the outcomes of this meeting, the discussion was opened regarding the three aforementioned laws, with a diagnosis of the legal situation framing the press and publishing sector, in addition to coming up with alternatives and suggestions on the subject in order to correct the situation and overcome everything that would hinder the development and democratization of the media and journalistic scene in our country.

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