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Refusals, traders against Valpe and Mountain Union

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The invoice with the Tari deposit at the beginning of 2021 has been contested: “Activities closed but they ask us to pay anyway”


It is enough to ask for deposits for the waste tax from commercial activities that are suffering under the blows of the closures related to the health emergency and that will continue to remain still for who knows how long.

Confcommercio dell’Agordino took a strong position, pointing the finger at Valpe Ambiente.

The merchants’ association, consulted by its territorial delegates, yesterday took to the field, reporting “how complaints are coming from all over the Agordino in these days from many associated economic activities that have received the latest Tari invoice from Valpe Ambiente. including a significant item such as the advance for the first half of 2021 ».

And it is the request to pay a deposit on the waste collection of these months of closures and restrictions that have brought the trade to its knees to trigger the protest of the trade association.

«We are still in the midst of the pandemic emergency», Confcommercio Agordino thunders, «with hundreds of businesses that have almost completely lost the winter season, which will not work at Easter and who do not have the slightest certainty about future prospects. So, in fact, collections are zeroed. Public establishments, shops, hotels, shelters, campsites that have undergone months of restrictions and bans, which have not been able to work if not in a very marginal way, and which now see costs for services not yet used and for consumption of waste not yet counted. still produced “.

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The reaction of the trade association was therefore decided. Confcommercio wrote to the Agordina and Valpe mountain union “highlighting the malaise that has emerged”, the traders themselves underline, “and asking to suspend the collection of advances pending that the activities of the territory can return to a semblance of normality, unfortunately still far away”.

“It is clear to everyone how the commercial tourism sector and public establishments are the one most affected by operational limitations”, says Confcommercio, “and the most affected by the restrictions on movement by the population”.

The hope is that “as Gsp at the end of the year had accepted the concerns expressed with respect to a similar situation”, also Unione montana and Valpe will review the requests to commercial activities. –

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