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Regulation of local non-network public services of economic importance

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Regulation of local non-network public services of economic importance

Adoption and publication of the directorial decree

The Directorial Decree has been issued which adopts the guidelines for the drafting of the economic-financial plan and the quality indices of the services which local authorities will be able to comply with for the adoption of the acts necessary for the regulation of the sector of non-network local public services (of economic importance), as provided for by Legislative Decree no. 201 of 23 December 2022, entitled “Reorganization of the regulation of local public services of economic importance”.

These are the first measures aimed at implementing article 8 of the aforementioned legislative decree no. 201/22 which will be followed by the adoption of further acts referred to by this regulatory provision

The services affected by the Decree are those not delegated to the competence of an independent Authority or other regulatory authority.

During the first application phase i identified services I am:

sports facilities (with the exception of cableways expressly excluded by art. 36 of Legislative Decree no. 201/2022); parking lots; cemetery and funeral services, if provided as local public services; votive lights; school transport.

The services mentioned are provided or capable of being provided for economic consideration on a market, and would not be carried out without public intervention or would be carried out under different conditions in terms of physical and economic accessibility, continuity, non-discrimination, quality and safety. They are required by law or deemed necessary by local authorities, within their competences, to ensure customer satisfaction needs of local communitiesso as to guarantee homogeneity of development and social cohesion.

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These are, therefore, some services of general interest used by the community and worthy of protection. The provision of the same, in fact, must guarantee theuniversal accessibility and equal treatment between all citizens and users. Furthermore, the sector must be regulated in such a way as to guarantee respect for and promotion of competition, freedom of establishment and freedom to provide services for economic operators interested in the management of services of general economic interest at a local level.

For these services, the documents and the indicators mentioned are prepared by the Ministry of Business and Made in Italy. On this basis, local authorities can organize and regulate the non-network public services of their ownership, through a regulation or a general act, defining management conditions, principles, objectives and standards and ensuring transparency and dissemination of management data. .

For more information

Decree 31 August 2023 – Guidelines for the drafting of the economic-financial plan and service quality indices

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