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SARDINIAN VISIONS IN THE WORLD – On 5 March the Sardinian cinema festival in Dublin

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“Do you know the Sardinian language? No? Here’s an excellent opportunity to listen to it!”. With this exhortation, the Italian Cultural Institute of Dublin invites you to participate in the screenings of Visioni Sarde’s short films scheduled for 5 March 2024 at its headquarters. Appropriate words. Thanks to the co-presence of images, music and speech, cinema represents, in fact, an extraordinary vehicle for the promotion of Sardinia and its territorial peculiarities in the world. A formidable tool for making your language and cultural heritage known and for valorising it from all its aspects: environmental, historical, cultural and customs. Visioni Sarde’s short films offer not only the opportunity to immerse yourself in the authentic language of the Sardinian people, but also to connect with their culture and emotions. Through the cinematic plot the spectator is induced to experience Sardinia and its language, to discover its territory in a real and engaging context that arouses interest in visiting it. With these assumptions, at 6.15 pm on Tuesday 5 March in the Pavilion Hall of the Institute, the following will be screened in order: – “Gi� cun giuali” by Michela Anedda. Stop motion in Sardinian. Two very different cousins ​​find a way to go beyond appearances; – “Hooded, Foschi” by Nicola Camoglio. Italy/Sweden production that analyzes issues of class and cultural conflict in Sardinia in the 1970s. It is partly recited in Sardinian; – “The priest’s punishment” by Francesco Tomba, Chiara Tesser. The cunning of a blind man prevails over the avarice of a priest. The short film combines several languages ​​(Italian, Logudorese, Lurese and Gallura) and draws on a physiognomic, aesthetic and cultural portfolio of a territory that seems to be almost immune to the passage of time; – “What is mine” by Gianni Cesaraccio. Four terminally ill patients travel in sunny Sardinia armed to the teeth, carrying out one robbery after another. They are former soldiers who fell ill on missions. They will have to overcome their limits and their fears to be able to give dignity to their last days; – “Ranas” by Daniele Arca. Story in Sardinian of an initiatory journey of two friends. Some challenges will put their courage, their concept of life and their relationship with death to the test; – “Free beach” by Ludovica Zedda. Short film focused on the generational comparison between father and daughter; – “I’ll wait for you here” by Gabriele Brundu. A child faces a traumatic event that puts a strain on his young life. Dialogues in Sardinian subtitled in Italian; – “Tilipirche” by Francesco Piras. The passing of the baton from father to son for the management of the family fold, with in the background a terrible invasion of locusts that devour everything. Entirely performed in Sardinian. The event is organized by the Italian Cultural Institute of Dublin directed by Marco Gioacchini. The “Visioni Sarde” project is wanted and supported by the Cineteca di Bologna and the Sardegna Film Commission with the collaboration of the Sardi Torino “A. Gramsci” Association and the “Visioni da Ichnussa” Association.

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