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Shandong concluded 1,071 telecom network fraud cases in 2023 – Rights and Interests – China Engineering Network

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Shandong Concludes 1,071 Telecom Network Fraud Cases in 2023

During the second plenary session of the 14th Shandong Provincial People’s Congress, President of the Shandong Provincial Higher People’s Court, Huo Min, delivered a work report emphasizing the focus on coordinating development and security in 2023.

The report highlighted the conclusion of 1,071 telecom network fraud cases, involving 1,865 people, with verdicts recovering 870 million yuan in stolen money. This crackdown on telecom network fraud aimed to protect people’s pockets and maintain national security and social stability.

In addition to the telecom network fraud cases, the report also mentioned the conclusion of 81,000 first-instance criminal cases and 25,000 administrative cases. There was also a crackdown on gangs and evil, resulting in the conclusion of 178 first-instance gang-related cases involving 1,000 people and the recovery of 970 million yuan of “black money.”

Furthermore, corruption crimes were severely punished, with the conclusion of 699 first-instance criminal cases involving 784 people, including former central management cadres and former department and bureau-level cadres. The report also mentioned the severe crackdown on serious violent crimes, school violence, and assaults on police officers, resulting in the conclusion of 3,509 cases involving 4,373 persons.

The focus on security also extended to campus safety, with the establishment of 545 campus safety offices to participate in special actions such as “Preventing and Controlling Campus Bullying.” The report emphasized the principle of what is best for minors, mentioning a case where a minor who committed a crime was given a suspended sentence and help to reintegrate into society, conveying judicial warmth and social care.

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The comprehensive work report demonstrates the strong determination of Shandong to maintain national security and social stability, while also protecting the rights and safety of its citizens.

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