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So far this year, 98 people have died in traffic accidents in Meta – news

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So far this year, 98 people have died in traffic accidents in Meta – news

During his presentation before the Assembly, the director of the Departmental Institute of Transit and Transportation of Meta, Jorge Plata, addressed the problem of road accidents and analyzed the hypothetical causes that are causing injuries and deaths on the Meta roads.

So far this year, 98 people have lost their lives in road accidents in the department of Meta, as of April 30, 2023, according to a report from the National Road Safety Agency; Meanwhile, 213 people have been injured, 26.79% more than in 2022; Motorcyclists continue to be the road actor that is most injured or killed in road accidents.

As an action that the Departmental government carries out through the Institute of Traffic and Transportation, to counteract this problem, the road safety awareness days of the Department’s traffic agents in the municipalities where they have jurisdiction are highlighted. These officials also carry out operational controls to penalize those who do not comply with traffic regulations, mainly those who ride a motorcycle without wearing a helmet, this being the main element for their protection.

These are some actions that prevent serious injuries and even the death of the actors, however, Jorge Plata referred to some people who do not allow these prevention and control tasks to be carried out.

Among other actions exposed to the Departmental duma, are: signs to prioritized municipalities (San Juanito and Cubarral); the delivery of Local Road Safety Plans to the municipalities of Restrepo, Guamal, Cabuyaro, San Martín; awareness raising for 7,506 road workers in Castilla la Nueva, Cubarral, Cumaral, Puerto Gaitán and San Martín; activities to promote sustainable transport such as bicycles; training for local authorities on the Public Road Safety Policy.

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Finally, the official called on the mayors and citizens to contribute to the road safety of the Department, participating in the activities of the Traffic Institute, allowing them to be carried out and, in addition, respecting the traffic authorities that ensure the life and integrity of citizens on the roads.


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