Home News Tangshan woman was besieged and beaten by the official announcement, public opinion overturned | Tangshan beating case | Tangshan barbecue restaurant

Tangshan woman was besieged and beaten by the official announcement, public opinion overturned | Tangshan beating case | Tangshan barbecue restaurant

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Tangshan woman was besieged and beaten by the official announcement, public opinion overturned | Tangshan beating case | Tangshan barbecue restaurant

[Epoch Times, June 21, 2022](The Epoch Times reporter Cheng Jing comprehensive report) Today, the Hebei Public Security Bureau reported the Tangshan beating incident, saying that two women who were beaten were slightly injured at level 2, and the other two were slightly injured. In addition, the deputy director of the Lubei Branch of the Tangshan Public Security Bureau was dismissed, and five people including the director are under investigation. In this regard, there was a lot of doubts on the Internet, and public opinion overturned.

On the 21st, the official Weibo of the Hebei Provincial Public Security Department released a progress report on the violent beating of women in Tangshan. The report stated that the injuries of the victims Wang Moumou and Liu Moumou were minor (secondary) injuries, and the injuries of Yuan Mou and Li were minor injuries. On June 12, nine suspects including the principal Chen Mouzhi were arrested. The Tangshan Public Security Bureau dismissed Li, the deputy director of the Lubei Branch.

According to a CCTV news report, Tangshan Public Security Bureau Lubei Branch Party Secretary and Director Ma Aijun is under investigation; Tangshan Public Security Bureau Lubei Branch Airport Road Police Station Director Hu Bin; Police station policeman Chen Zhiwei and former director of Guangmingli police station Fan Lifeng are under investigation.

In the early morning of June 10, four women in Tangshan were beaten up by multiple men. After the video was exposed, it sparked public outrage, and there were constant calls for accountability on the Internet. On the 20th, there were more and more rumors on the Internet, and the whole Internet was asking “How is the person?” “Why is the official delay in explaining to the public?”

Woman “minor injury level two” with skull fracture and limb fractures listed as level two minor injuries

According to a report from the Tangshan Public Security Department today, on June 20, the Forensic Science Research Institute issued a forensic opinion. A certain (29-year-old) injury was minor.

At present, Wang Moumou and Liu Moumou are hospitalized for treatment, and their injuries have improved; Yuan Mou and Li left on their own without being hospitalized.

Netizens questioned one after another: “It’s still a minor injury in the video? I really want to know if the head fell off to be considered a serious injury?” Is it heavy?”

“If it’s really a minor injury, what else can you hide? Why don’t you just tell everyone the truth? It’s in the clouds and fog, but it makes everyone suspicious, doesn’t it?”

“You want pictures, videos, and the truth.” “You want girls to say they’re okay, not these official words.”

A Tangshan resident told The Epoch Times that no one believed the police report. The notification of so many geniuses is the result of the blending of interests. Personal information such as names should be withheld and the injury reported.

Tangshan authorities did not give the specific injuries of the woman who was beaten. However, according to the official public information of the CCP, the second-degree minor injury is already a very serious injury.

According to the “Human Body Injury Degree Appraisal Standards” formulated by the Chinese Communist Party, the degree of injury is divided into serious injury level 1, serious injury level 2, minor injury level 1, minor injury level 2, and minor injury.

The list of identification “criteria” shows that skull fracture, cranial nerve injury caused corresponding neurological dysfunction, limb long bone, pelvic fracture, visceral contusion, traumatic unavoidable abortion are all classified as minor injuries.

For example: the cumulative length of multiple wounds or scars is more than 6.0cm; the comminuted fracture of the nasal bone, the loss of teeth, or more than 2 broken teeth; the fracture of more than 2 ribs, the dislocation of the sternoclavicular joint; the dislocation of the acromioclavicular joint, etc., which are enough to cause disfigurement.

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Minor injuries, including rib fractures; carpal, metacarpal or phalanx fractures, eye trauma affecting appearance or vision, etc.

When will the police come out?The beating process lasted 7 minutes

Earlier, “Urban Scene” quoted a reporter from Xinhuanghe who visited the beating scene in Tangshan, saying that the beating scene was about 800 meters away from the police station. A policeman who dispatched the police that night said he arrived at the scene in 5 minutes, but in fact the police only received the report 28 minutes later. Arrive at the crime scene.

The content reported by the Hebei police shows a complete time chain: at 2:40, Chen Mouzhi began to harass the woman in white; at 2:41, the onlookers called the police for the first time. At 2:47, Chen Mouzhi and his group drove away. At 2:55, 4 women were sent to the hospital by 120. At 3:09, the Airport Road Police Station of Lubei Branch arrived at the scene. The violent beating process lasted 7 minutes.

A netizen asked, “From receiving the alarm to arriving at the scene, what are the police doing in the nearly 30 minutes?”

The report said that on the afternoon of June 11, all nine suspects were arrested, including four who had fled to Jiangsu by car. On June 12, nine suspects were approved for arrest.

The Internet writer Yan Shulou published an article saying that the biggest question is, why there is no follow-up action from dispatching the police to locking the suspect? Are the parties subpoenaed? Is there a catch-and-release? Why did 4 of them escape to Jiangsu? Is there any inside ghost tiptoe? Did Chen Jizhi settle the matter with 600,000? If yes, to whom?

Yan Shulou said that the clue that Chen Jizhi sent money can directly lead to the “protective umbrella” behind the thugs.

Some netizens said: “This matter must have a clear and clear account, otherwise the umbrella will not be destroyed, Chen Mouzhi will be thrown out, and there will be the next Zhao Mouzhi and Qian Mouzhi!” “The umbrella must be destroyed!”

Previously, the whole network asked why the official was silent

Since the violent beating of women in Tangshan on June 10, online rumors have become more and more bizarre, including that a woman was raped and fell from the second floor; 4 victims have died, etc.

Yan Shulou asked why the Tangshan authorities never explained or refuted the rumors? Also, why did the victims and their families never show up?

Some netizens said: “It has been more than 10 days, and the victim, her family members, and witnesses have never shown their faces in the media. This phenomenon is extremely rare.”

“The whole network is asking how people are doing. Tangshan can’t pretend to be deaf and dumb, and he can’t learn from the ostrich. He must face the facts and the truth.”

It is widely rumored on the Internet that the live broadcast room of 540,000 people on Hebei Langfang News Channel, just one sentence – how are people?

Netizens analyzed, “The fundamental reason for the explosion of rumors is the loss of credibility and the covertness of publicity. The mouth of the people is more than the prevention of the Sichuan.

Why did Tangshan prevent reporters from interviewing the victims?

At the same time, Tangshan police obstructed reporters who went to Tangshan to find out the truth about the women who were beaten.

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After the beating incident broke out, a number of media reporters from other provinces, including Fenghuang.com, went to Tangshan for interviews, but they were detained by the local police for no reason and subjected to violent law enforcement, which aroused public attention.

Zhang Weihan, a reporter from Guizhou Radio and Television’s “People’s Concern”, posted a video on Weibo on the afternoon of the 17th (click here), saying that the day after the incident, he went to Tangshan for an interview. He came from a low-risk area and had a negative nucleic acid report within 24 hours, but he did At the high-speed rail station was blocked by every possible means.

During the subsequent interview, he was detained for 8 hours for no reason by the police at the Airport Road Police Station, Lubei District, Tangshan City, and enforced violently.

Regarding the obstruction of reporters to cover the incident of beatings in Tangshan, Lu Nan, a media person graduated from the Department of Journalism of Renmin University of China, said in an interview with Radio Free Asia on Tuesday (21st) that after the incident of beatings by gangsters in Tangshan was exposed, the authorities did not solve the problem first. Rather, it seeks to cover up the truth and address those who ask questions.

“They (the police) have only one purpose in doing these things, which is to cover up the truth.”

He said: “They didn’t want to implement the rule of law and use the law to solve problems, but when the law was severely trampled on, they thought of going to ‘strike hard’ and solve legal problems through non-legal means. Fake reporters stand and so on, but they want to ban the continuation of public opinion methods.”

Officials are busy checking tens of thousands of Weibo accounts on the Internet and have been banned

A few days ago, nine departments, including the Hebei Provincial Public Procuratorate and Law System, the Provincial Internet Information Office, the Provincial Radio, Film and Television Bureau, and the Provincial Journalists Association, jointly issued a notice to “carry out a special campaign against news extortion and fake news” to crack down on news extortion, fake news, and investigate and punish fake media. , fake reporters, fake reporter stations, etc.

China News Weekly” reported today (21st) that up to now, 50,285 illegal microblogs have been dealt with, and 12,567 accounts such as @劘MSI and @回見nin 嘞 have been banned for 15 days to permanent ban. , and closed 1,417 “serious violation” accounts. At the same time, 7,959 “rumor” contents were cleaned up, and 971 “illegal” accounts were disposed of.

Hebei scholar Wang Zheng told Radio Free Asia that cracking down on fake news is actually suppressing news publishers, “Why do you want to crack down on fake news, because they (the authorities) are the most fake,” and “the anti-counterfeiting action should not be led by the government.”

This time point is also very delicate. Mr. Jiang, a senior media person in Zhejiang, said, “It is obvious that the news media should be set an example, so as to suppress the media’s follow-up reports on the Tangshan beating incident.”

Many netizens commented: “Isn’t it better to release the relevant news earlier, why have you been dragging it?”

“If it hadn’t been for netizens to give up and support the popularity of hot searches, this matter would have been over long ago… I believe the truth will come, although it is too late.”

“At this time, I don’t believe in rumors or officials. I only believe in my eyes. I want to see the latest photos and videos of the four girls. If not, I’m partial to the public!”

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What happened to the old Seoul BBQ restaurant at the crime scene?

In addition, there is a “barbecue restaurant” at the scene of the crime that has attracted much attention.todayOn Weibo, the topic of “Tangshan BBQ restaurant still has Internet celebrities to live broadcast” reached 1.2100 million views, 6,152 discussions, and 1,408 original articles.

China News Weekly” said that on the morning of June 21, the reporter saw at the entrance of the barbecue shop where the incident occurred. Nearby residents said that the barbecue shop has started to be renovated in recent days, not the demolition and change of owners according to Internet rumors. The couple have been operating the barbecue shop here for many years.

But the official media’s words were questioned by many netizens. “While the case is still under investigation, the crime scene was destroyed. Can we expect the case to come to light?”

Some netizens disclosed, “On the Baidu map, there are no search results for ‘Old Seoul BBQ'”.

“Hope not to deceive the people and give a truth…”

“In terms of how credibility is lost, should they still believe what they say in the future? Can they still believe it?”

“How many more lies?”

As early as June 19, some netizens broke the news that the old Seoul BBQ restaurant where the incident occurred was being demolished, and those involved were eager to clear all memories of the incident.

Netizens said, “It’s far darker than expected, far more cruel than expected, far more unfair than expected!”

“Someone is sparing no effort to clear all memories of Tangshan.”

What’s the punishment for these gangsters?

What is the punishment for beating thugs? Lawyer Ge Shuchun, a member of the China Law Society, cited by NetEase’s legal platform “Fadu Law” said that according to the “Guidelines for Sentencing of Common Crimes” revised by the Supreme Court in 2017, those who intentionally cause minor injuries to one person can be imprisoned for less than two years. . Determine the starting point for sentencing within the range of criminal detention.

Specific to this case, he said, if the crime of intentional injury is convicted and sentenced, it should obviously be two years as the starting point, and should be punished at the highest level. At the same time, if the sentencing is based on the crime of “picking quarrels and provoking trouble”, it can be sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment of not more than five years, criminal detention or public surveillance.

Therefore, if it is only a case of beating a woman, the conviction will also be several years in prison. Netizens exclaimed, “The cost of crime is too low.”

It is worth noting that the official notification “transferred” to other cases. Hebei police reported that they had found at least one suspect’s other criminal clues, including illegal detention, online gambling money laundering, gang fights, and the opening of casinos. In addition, whether the relevant personnel are suspected of crimes committed by underworld organizations, “the investigation is currently being stepped up.”

Since the outbreak of the beating incident at a barbecue restaurant in Tangshan on June 10, there have been hundreds of real-name reports of underworld forces in the city.

Netizens have widely questioned that the gangs in Tangshan are rampant, and the police have become the umbrella of the underworld. It remains to be seen how the official investigation will be done.

Responsible editor: Li Qiong#

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