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Tariq Sharif writes: Star Link in Karary

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Tariq Sharif writes: Star Link in Karary

Sudanese Net:

This war made it clear that the Rapid Support Militia is restricting the citizen’s livelihood and targeting the simple citizen in his home and travel.
The militia was not satisfied with looting homes and cars and causing disruption to businesses, as markets stopped moving and people were unable to work.
The militia decided to cut off communications, and this led to a worsening of the citizen’s condition, especially in areas witnessing military battles, including the capital, Khartoum.
Ahsan Al-Sayyed, Chairman of the Sovereignty Council and Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces, Lieutenant General Abdel Fattah Al-Burhan, gifts the citizens of Khartoum State, Karary locality, Star Link communications devices to contribute to operating communications devices for the citizens in Karary.
The governor of Khartoum must work to quickly install these devices with the required speed, so that our people in Karari locality can immediately
They make their lives easier and obtain money through banking applications. The cessation of communications has led to a scarcity of money in the hands of citizens, and most people in the states where the war is taking place depend on remittances from family and friends outside Sudan.
This war confirmed the brutality of the militia and its cruelty to the citizen, and at the same time demonstrated the steadfastness of the Sudanese people in the face of this arrogance.
Thank you for the proof of feeling for people’s suffering
And take care of them.
Al-Burhan’s step also confirmed the state’s ability to devise solutions and not submit to the militia’s blackmail.

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